If You Can Read This…….Thank Steve Jobs

One of the founders, and former CEO of Apple Inc.  Steve Jobs  1955 – 2011

It is rare that I will write a Vizionz when I am THIS upset.  I try to convey emotion, yet spare you the drama of living through my ups and downs.

Tonight I am unable to do that, and it is because of Steve Jobs.

There are people in this world who make a difference, people who leave an imprint that all must acknowledge, because their affect on all of us is just too much.

If you can read this, thank your English teacher, and then thank Steve Jobs and Apple Inc, because he/they are why you can see this.

Steve Jobs did not invent the Internet (we all know that was Al Gore), what Steve and Apple did was create the ability for you to search the Internet, from your desktop, from your MacBook Pro, and from your Android, Blackberry or iPhone.

The personal computer is why the Internet exists (no the reason is not to find more and more porn).  When people had access to these super machines,and could do what the office does from the comfort of their own home, sometimes in pajamas, the Internet that we now know was inevitable.

Regardless of you using a Mac or PC or a smart phone right now, the ability to browse, and the operating systems began in the laboratories, hearts and minds of Apple’s founders.

Yes there was an initial lease to Microsoft, and yes Apple would eventually ‘lose’ the lawsuit claiming copyright infringement, but if you are reading this from your iPhone, you understand that the battle was lost, but the war is now over.

I resisted using Macintosh products for many years.  It was so foreign to me.  My ex boyfriend gifted me his Mac Mini when I began school, and I’ve never looked back.

My regret is that I did not switch sooner.  My lament is that I can not yet afford an iPad, and T Mobile does not yet support the iPhone.

Losing Steve is like losing your big brother, who has already left the nest and comes home at Christmas with all the cool stuff that your parents didn’t know to buy for you.

Only these days…..thanks in extra large part to Steve Jobs, your parents DO know about Apple and Macintosh, and even though they have one also….it is still cool.

I am going to go back and cry again now constant reader.  I lost my cool big brother today.

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