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Going Gray

The first…I’ve been on my soap box for quite some time about how women can be happier…I am convinced that we are simply not happy in the ways that we can be if we love ourselves more. I am happier … Continue reading

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An Open Invitation for Tyler Perry….to suck my dick

Of all of my family and friends I am the least militant about how Black people are perceived and viewed.  I have some pride though, and it is that pride that has me doing something that I rarely do, chastise … Continue reading

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving….Or So I’ve Been Told

There is always something in my head to write about…I just don’t always do it because it may appear illogical to reader.  The process of my mind is a little strange at times….like Sailor said to Lula:  The way your … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. President

Hi there. I ran across a story on the internet and it made me think that if you read the words of your citizens perhaps I can write to you and it could make a difference.  November 2012 seems like … Continue reading

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365 Extras

I’ve learned some lessons in the past year….laws yes I have. So I was at Fetlife earlier today and there was a thread that caught my eye.  The thing about Fet or at least the length of time that I’ve … Continue reading

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