You Don’t Know Me

Most of the time the things that run around in my head you do not get constant reader.  Today though, I am going to share just a little more.

My relationship is quite important to me, more than I imagined it could be even 6 months ago. I protect it – I protect us with a ferocity normally only saved for the man child I call Clyde.

I was under the impression that I was quite “secretive” about my relationship, someone disagrees with me though.

I kind of scratched my head when He said that, I mean I am still getting asked who He is, and only a handful of my lifestyle friends know his Internet name, and ummm two know his government name and I was not the one to share that information.

I am pretty careful about the information that I choose to share. At least I think that I am.

Yet, I still get the disagreement.

I had to learn the hard way many moons ago that while I may have friends who love me like a sister, and who would take a bullet for me, the details of my relationship must remain in house.

I have a good friend who likely wishes she never shared the information she has shared with me about her significant other.  It’s made it impossible for me to like him, and almost impossible to tolerate him.  As long as she is with him, I keep my distance, even though she still crawls into bed with him every night.  She apparently is over the tidbits of info she shared enough to open her legs for him, me I am still holding a grudge.

I have another friend who walked with me as I stumbled around attempting to find what I have now with The Man.  She was there every step of the way.  Cheering when she needed to, and braiding her hair and grabbing sneakers when she needed to.  If I was happy she was happy, if I was unhappy who ever the latest guy in the mix was wasn’t shit.

The thing is….although she was quite the supportive friend, she was not totally honest with me about how she really felt.  It eventually came to light, as all things do.

My best friend in the world, I know almost nothing about her marriage.  Sure she lives out of state, but that is not why I am clueless.  It’s not that I was never curious…after all we grew up together so I know where all the skeletons are buried, I helped bury a few.  I was very curious at first because I NEEDED to meet this man who’d captured her attention when I had details about other things.  She never shared that information though.  Her response was I love him, and he loves me and at the end of it all 16 years later it was good enough for me.  I know that they had tough times, but she never invited me into the details of her marriage.

So I am talking to The Man and explaining that no one involved in this particular situation knew who he was.

Everybody knows who I am was His response.

I highly doubt that.  But that was His response none the less.

I feel I’ve done a very good job at sharing growth moments that very well could help some other submissive type woman along the way and at the same time protecting His identity.  I perhaps though need to be MORE careful.

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