I was advised by a friend to not worry about who would come into my life along the path, she simply assured me they would be interesting.  She was correct.

In about 24 hours if everything goes well I will be on my way home from having emergency gall bladder surgery.  Yeah it hit me out of no where too, but it certainly opened my eyes to some of the things around me.

I almost never ask for help…I reserve it for when my hot water heater vomits 30 gallons of water into my basement and my body has defective organs.

Asking for help is simply not done in these here parts.

Yet I’ve had occasion to ask for help, and more and it has come to me.

I asked for help in the most intersesting of ways Friday as the gall bladder river danced all over my insides.  It was a status update on FB.  The call was answered by the most unusual of people.

In the past month two women that I’ve called friend in my past have come back into my life.  One is simply not worth the trouble, simply not worth the intensity.  I do not hate her, but I think it won’t hurt to keep her at arms length.

The other woman is someone who I typicaly dismiss when she’s brought up.  She will always be a part of my life, I love her children too much, but I want to shake the shit out of her.  Then again it would be 20 years too late for all of that.

This other woman though, she did something no one else did, at the time that I needed it the most.

The universe will always provide, it just does not always provide in the manner you are used to seeing.

As I scrolled through the VERY SHORT list of friends that I have I realized almost none of them were in a position to help me.  I was seconds away from calling The Man and telling him he had to take off from the job.  Yes I understood that it could get him fired, but Bonnie & Clyde can’t exist without someone here in the house with them.

Then she called.  Not only did she call she volunteered to stay with the terrible two.

She is here now, in my home.  She was in a different home of mine once before, and that did not end WELL. She is here today though, as I prepare to get this defective organ of mine removed.

She came with my little niece that I love to pieces, with her suitcase and her Dooney & Bourke bag that may have to stay here with me.

Hey I am not THAT sick.

I think of both these women and realized that 365 days ago, I would not have pictured this scenario.  What can I say other than chanting works.

I know that mom will get her pills at night.  I know that Bonnie & Clyde will eat.  I know that she will not leave them unattended and I have no fear that social services will remove them because they were unattended.

I have no guarantee that they will not tie her to the new hot water heater and throw a toga party, but everyone knows that my mother and son are gangsters…you accept the risk.

In a truth is MUCH stranger than fiction moment….when The Man brings me home (hopefully tomorrow) it will be a little interesting.  The Man and the woman here in my home used to date.  It was about 1000 years ago, but they used to date.  I have no idea how it ended, it was none of my business, but I think the ride home will be quite interesting.

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