100 Million Dollar Hiatus

I can not talk about what is on my mind tonight so I will instead talk about something else that I am passionate about – The Philadelphia Eagles.

I love my team, and I love football.

I’m not just a girl who watches football because it is a way to meet men (although in the past my love of the game has helped my social life considerably)

I take my football seriously and I ride or die for the Eagles.

This article appeared in the Philadelphia Daily News today:

John Smallwood talks out of his ass

Okay, so we know I am not going to be objective, then again I do not have to be objective this is my house.  I can say what I want.

So I will say:  John Smallwood is an idiot.  He should stick to reporting on baseball or hockey or basketball.  That makes the assumption that he does not equally suck in reporting on those sports as well.

In 1999, I was one of those people who wanted to see Ricky Williams wearing midnight green.  My team plays in the NFC East, the East pounds the ball.  It was what I expected that you draft the best RB on the board and you build the offense around him.

I did not know at the time that Andy Reid would be allergic to running the ball.

Instead we drafted Donovan McNabb.  I am grateful that he played for us while he did.  I am honored that he holds the records he does for the franchise. I am thankful that he was so good for so long despite being coached by the mentally challenged.  I did not necessarily think that his time was up here, and I was angered by his trade to Washington.

I am convinced that he will squeeze out 2 more productive years in Minnesota, and equally convinced that he may never make the hall of fame although I can make the argument that he SHOULD unlike Troy AIkman.

*brief derailment*
Troy Aikman tossed to Emmitt Smith and Michael Irving.  Donovan McNabb went to the NFC Championship game with Freddie Mitchell, Todd Pinkston, and James Thrash  – checkmate McNabb.


John Smallwood attempts to make the argument that Michael Vick has not earned his 100 million dollar contract.  His body of work with the Eagles is not large enough to justify the paycheck.

If you can lead your offense to put up 59 points on Monday Night Football and you lead your team to score 20+ unanswered points in a game that essentially determines who is going to be the division champion – you’ve earned it.

Yes I say that Vick earned his 100 million in two division battles over questionable opponents. 

It makes MORE sense than Smallwood’s argument that Kevin Kolb was never given the ‘proper’ chance to prove he should be the heir to McNabb.  Arizona will soon be repeating what I’ve been saying since he was drafted:  FUCK Kevin Kolb. 

Andy Reid’s greatest success since becoming a head coach in the NFL is convincing other teams in the league that his mediocre back up QB could start for them.  If you doubt that ask Miami about AJ Feeley.  Feeley is currently sitting BEHIND Bradford in St Louis right?  oh….okay

It was apparent from the first snap of the season opener that the team was not willing to accept Kevin Kolb as their leader.  His eventual injury and the emergence of Michael Vick was in fact a blessing.

The team was DIFFERENT under Michael Vick, the roster was willing to accept this man, with his experience and character as the field marshal. 

What was also the case?  Michael Vick was a former STARTING QB in the NFL versus a kid who’d been sitting behind McNabb for a minute.

I’d always questioned WHY Vick didn’t seem to be able to compete for the starting position, and at some point I had to admit out loud – he was not good enough in training camp. 

The thing is though….Vick got real good real fast, because he is the better QB.  He is the better athlete.  When it is obvious in a game time situation that the team will follow THIS QB, and this QB is more talented – more gifted – and has done something that Kolb will likely never do (go to Lambeau Field and win a playoff game) you start Vick.

Andy Reid may not be able to mentally grasp the concept that running the football can win games AND improve your shakey offensive line at the same time…..he did grasp one concept.  I will let Herm Edwards tell you about it:

You Play to Win the Game!

Michael Vick is an anomaly in a game where all of the athletes are human anomalys. He is that gifted of an athlete that you can write him a check for 100 million, and make him the ONLY QB to get TWO 100 million dollar contracts from TWO different teams.

With Mike Vick…you can win the game.  Smallwood is correct, you don ‘t KNOW that Kolb can’t do it, but the other side of that argument is that you KNOW Vick CAN do it.

Smallwood makes the argument that because Vick has not (yet) taken the Eagles to the Superbowl (and I suppose win it as well) that he is not worth the paycheck. 

The last world title the Eagles won was before they even called the title game a Superbowl.  They beat Green Bay and one could make the argument that it was that loss in the world championship that propelled Lombardi to greatness.  I won’t make that argument but someone else can.

Michael Vick is a winner and a leader and he gives your team their best chance to make a run for the trophy.  You write the check period.

Mind you…you don’t do idiotic things like draft a 30 year old offensive lineman who used to be a fire fighter, but then again Andy Reid is our coach…we have to take the small victories where we can find them and hope that this year the Birds have assembled enough talent to over come Andy Reid’s mental farts.

You also don’t waste a draft pick on a kicker….but that is another blog for another time.

In 2011, with a rookie at middle linebacker, and an offensive line that could not stop Betty White on a blitz:

Built Ford Tough

You BETTER write the check to Mike Vick, and you’d better pray to all of the biblical characters you can name, and hope that Andy is wearing his magic underpants. 

Because Mike Vick is essentially your only hope to make it to the dance this year. 


In other news….this may be my last Vizionz for a few.  I have the feeling I will need all of my strength to handle a matter that seems to be forming here on the home front.  If my instincts are correct?  You won’t want to be around me for a while so I will spare you that exposure.

I won’t stay gone….but I may be on hiatus for a moment, we shall see how things develop.  When I do get back I will write all about it….

It’s who I am

It’s what I do

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