A Public Service Announcement


My name is Nicole.

I am a football addict.

Life with Bonnie & Clyde has curbed my public addiction, but it remains still.

I get high on my own supply via Sunday Ticket, and I am not looking for the cure.

With the lockout this summer I had fears that there would be no season this year…..The Man said fear not…..I should listen to him more.  He’s not a football addict though.  He is kind of football neutral, which boggles MY mind how we ended up together — I always imagined I would love someone who loved the Eagles as much as I do.

The lockout is now over though….and it is football season again.

The return of training camp means that summer is almost over, but I don’t mind paying the price of shorter days, and cooler temps to be able to sit on the sofa on Sundays and watch football.

I am a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

There is only one team that is relevant, and that is the Eagles.

As the season wears on, you will laugh with me – cry with me – run from me as well because how the Eagles do week to week shows in my mood.

A couple quick rules about Vizionz in football season:

– I hate the cowboys – their owner – their city – their stadium – their fans and any existence that relates to you being okay with being a cowboys fan.  If you are a dallas fan get the fuck off my page.

– I understand that he is the most successful coach in our history.  I still think that he is an idiot, and will use every opportunity I have to mock and belittle him.

– There are women out there who pretend to watch football or like football because the man they are currently fucking likes football.  That is not me.  I love the sport, I watch without exception.  I am the kind of football geek who has 4 fantasy teams, and watches the NFL draft all day on ESPN.  When the Eagles have concluded their game, I continue to watch football.  I do not cook most Sundays in football season, and do not call I will not answer the phone.

With all that said…it’s been an interesting pre season so far.

We now have two corners worth more than a nickle, which makes that linebacker situation (we don’t have any that I like) a little simpler to swallow.

We finally got rid of Kevin Kolb.  The kid is not a started in the NFL and should never have been drafted to be the heir to Donovan McNabb.   Arizona will soon find out that they wasted 21 million, but that is on Arizona.  Fuck Arizona…they USED to be in the NFC East, and I hate everyone who is or USED to be in the NFC East that was not an Eagle.

We spent a lot of money for a DE , and I hope that with the corners and the talent on the outside, we can finally get some help for Trent Cole.  The man is a monster, maybe now we can unleash him.

Mike Vick is our QB.  Don’t cha wish your QB was hot like ours?

There is no competition for us in the NFC East.  Washington is a non factor as they have been for years – NY quits on Coughlin every year, no reason to expect different this season – and well FUCK DALLAS.

So as the future NFC champs – AGAIN – I can look to the playoffs and wonder if we will be making the trip to Indy this year.

There is already speculation that it will be a Philly/New England repeat.

I will not do that.

Not that I don’t expect Philly to pull it off, I do EVERY year.

Another little known fact about Nicole is that I hate the Patriots.

If I have a 2nd team that I like in the NFL it would be the NY Jets.  That should explain my hatred of the Patriots.

The pre season abbreviated as it is has given me life.  It’s gotten the old FB juices flowing, and certain folk are thankful for that.

Me?  I am just thankful for football.

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