Shaping the Vizion

Yes I know the new site was supposed to be finished.  I am still working on it what can I say.  I think you will love it when it is done….I just need a little more time to get it done.
I am positive that it would help if I stayed off my social networking sites. 

I log onto one of them, see something that makes me go unhhhhh! and then I am back here typing.

This morning it was Twitter, and something that I have talked about before.

Now the person who wrote what irked me likely doesn’t know that it irked me….she also doesn’t likely give two good fucks.

It bothered me though to hear her talk about her experience, as if it were normal and natural, and everyone should be doing it, even educated fleas.

It will piss some people off when I get to being more specific, but I can live with that, its been 38 years, I piss people off on a daily basis.

Shit sometimes an hourly basis.

I am fairly open minded about things like sex.

Urethral fucking is MOST LIKELY a hard limit for me, but I won’t kerosene burn those who enjoy it.

I am fairly open minded about relationships and such.

Get married, don’t, have kids, don’t, find what will make you happy and ride it till the wheels fall off.

I am far LESS open minded about body modification.

I am not 100% opposed to it, I have a tattoo and pierced ears after all but I have trouble digesting it in large amount with other people.

Why give a shit you ask?  I dunno….it just bothers me.

Kind of like the fact that Lil Wayne can sell 1,000,000 CDs out the gate in a time when NOBODY BUYS MUSIC anymore bothers me.

Kind of like clowns bother me.

Kind of like the refusal of the populace to embrace trade unions bothers me.

It gets under my skin, and I am compelled to remind people what is wrong with their way of thinking.

I never said I was not judgmental…..I just withhold it for other things.

I have an issue with visible tattoos.  I think if you are going to ink yourself, I should not have to look at it.  I have no inquiry, or interest about WHY you have the tat, I just know that I do not want to look at it.

I got into an argument once over whether or not breast tats were appropriate.  I stated I am not a fan of visible tats.  The person went on a 20 minute rant about how breast tats don’t have to be visible.

Nope, they do not HAVE to be, but chances are if you have one it is.  Most folk if they are getting a breast tat they are not getting it on the underside of the breast.  Most folk aren’t getting it in a circle around the nipple.

So unless you plan to walk around in turtlenecks and tops that stop 1″ below your neck at some point…I am likely going to see your tat, and I do not want to.

I am bothered by piercings.

If I could go back in time I would not pierce my ears. 

I have problems with mothers who pierce the ears of infants.

Now these are my issues of course, to get over or not get over, but by now you should be used to me kvetching about things that others do not find offensive.

I have a problem with plastic surgery.  Not cosmetic surgery, but plastic surgery.  No the two terms are not interchangeable and no they are not the same thing.

I understand why people do it, I just want them to love themselves more so they don’t have to do it.

I need permission from The Man before I can bring you along in the journey that I have plotted out in my head, but I suspect that it will come.

Shaping the Vizion is going to be a love child of mine I can see it now.

I want to do it so that women can see there are OTHER ways of accomplishing their goals without butchering their bodies.  I can only hope that I am successful with it.

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