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A Public Service Announcement

Hello My name is Nicole. I am a football addict. Life with Bonnie & Clyde has curbed my public addiction, but it remains still. I get high on my own supply via Sunday Ticket, and I am not looking for … Continue reading

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More Than Words

It’s too early on a Sunday morning to be writing, but it’s also too late in some ways. As July comes to a close, I can look forward to August and wonder which new lesson is there for me to … Continue reading

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I Do —- NOT!

Arnold & Maria – Round One The idea that Maria Schriver requested spousal support from her soon to be ex husband Arnold got me to thinking. It tends to be a dangerous thing when my wheels begin to turn. I … Continue reading

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The Big Bang – And Not the GOOD Bang

Just when I think I have enough of it figured out to not look like an idiot, the universe reminds me that she’s been around longer, seen more, done more, and that I am only the 2nd most powerful bitch … Continue reading

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Dancing on the Debt Ceiling

I am a political beast.  The American process fascinates me, even more so now that it has become so polarizing. I am what I call a reformed Republican. When I registered just before my 18th birthday I was a very … Continue reading

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