Good Bye Pervert

Those were the words shouted out to Representative – ooooops FORMER Representative Anthony Weiner – as he announced his resignation from the United States Congress on June 16, 2011.

The man like other men before him simply has no fortitude.  I wonder if any of our representatives do, and if they do not why we keep electing them.

I am now convinced that the citizens of the United States are idiots, and I am wondering if I should defect. Seriously I am.  I just don’t know that Canada is the right place for me and I drink too much water to live in Mexico.

The distinguished gentleman from the state of New York, and representative of Brooklyn one of the hardest cities in the country resigned after pictures of his erect penis surfaced.  I looked at a couple of the pictures, I failed to realize that he apparently had no balls.

I wonder if they were on loan to Donovan McNabb so that he could convince some NFL team that he could still stand behind center.

Sex “scandals” are nothing new, it is how America has forced people to react to it that is new, and disturbing, and makes my ears bleed.

Everybody has a sex tape out there, Sports Illustrated still does a swimsuit issue, King magazine and Maxim still have high circulation numbers.

Rhianna and Jill Scott sing about BDSM & Domination & Submission.  CSI has a recurring character who is a Dominatrix.  Single Ladies has a male character, who doesn’t come right out and call himself a Dominant, but he walks and talks like one and it most likely makes your girlie parts tingle.

We are surrounded by sex in all of its lovely forms on television, on the radio, and if you are reading this you have the world’s best porn finder at your fingertips – your keyboard.

But still Anthony Weiner, must resign, amid catcalls of being a pervert and asking if his dick is more than 7″.

He must apologize for hurting his wife.

Did HE hurt his wife? that is questionable.  She hasn’t said she was against his behavior.  The right wing bloggers who found and leaked and encouraged the dic pics to come out in the light, have certainly hurt the constituents of Weiner’s district, but did HE hurt his wife?  I have no clue.

I do know that it is arrogant and presumptive to assume that Weiner’s online activities were not an acceptable part of his relationship with his wife.

Take it from a woman dating a hyper sexual man, there are times when you WISH he would spend a little time sexting and exchanging photos, you may get to take a fucking nap.  If he doesn’t by chance?  You increase your cardio in your workouts and take more vitamins.

Don’t cry for me Argentina…..I am a-okay with my hyper sexual man thank you very much….imma be alright.

Back to Anthony Weiner….

I’d hoped that with the man being in Brooklyn HE might be the one to FINALLY walk up to the cameras and say:

Get over it.  I am a healthy man.  My dick gets hard.  If your dick does not get hard I suggest you seek treatment for that.  My dick does get hard.  I fuck my wife early and often – notice her pregnancy and proof of my virility.  I don’t fuck other women besides my wife.  But my dick gets hard.   I sent a couple of pictures and talked a little dirty to a couple of ADULT women.  I wasn’t in the bathroom tapping my foot, or sending my lawyer to the hospital to tell my wife she wasn’t getting the house in the divorce settlement during her chemo treatment, or inviting 17 year old Congressional pages into my office to see my etchings.  I sent some pictures of my dick.  Which gets hard.

Do you fire every police officer who gets a hard dick?  Do you fire the cashier at Walmart, or the guy who pumps your gas, or the telephone repair person, or the customer service rep at your cable company because they become aroused? No?

There where in the entire fuck of all fucks do you think it’s okay to tell me I need to resign?  Because my dick gets hard?  Get the fuck outta here!

I do my job.  You didn’t elect me to be a husband or a father – you elected me to go to Washington, cast some votes, and bring some pork back to the district.  Not bacon but money for things you want.  I did that.  I did it well.  I did it so well that I should be fired for it?  You fire effective people?  Since when?

So what my dick gets hard?  I can say YEA or NAY with a hard dick.  I’ve got video of it, wanna see?

In fact I am so fucking good at what I do, I can send pics of that hard dick, while saying yea or nay, and texting my wife stories of how I would knock her up when I get home that night, and tie my shoes at the same time.  I’ve got video of that too.

You are upset because my dick gets hard?  You’re priorities are completely fucked up.  There are pills and apps for that I need you to start a regimen of both ASAP.

In the meantime, I am going BACK to work.  I’ve got shit to do that is much more important than explaining to you why my dick getting hard is a non motherfucking factor.

Oh?  One more thing.  My ass smells like roses.  No really it does.  You can verify that because I am inviting each and everyone of you to kiss my rosy ass as I walk out of here, go find my wife and eat her pussy.  After all my dick is hard.

*chucks the dueces* *does the dougie*

He didn’t say any of that though.  He gave a 2 minute cookie cutter speech on why it’s a bad thing that his dick gets hard.

I am highly disappointed….but I am not surprised.

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