Love & Football

This is a story – not 100% fleshed out but coherent enough for the reader to follow.  It was written for my former, who I knew would enjoy the theme.   I hope you enjoy it as well:


It had been 4 days.
As she looked around the apartment making sure that the little details were completed she sighed to her self.
Slut stood in the kitchenette, with the sun coming in through the window and warming her calves and let out a loud and wistful sigh. It had been 4 days.
She stood there a moment longer before glancing at the clock and assuming her position.
He’d already called. The boy was dropped off and that meant assuming the worst in traffic Sir would be arriving within 5 minutes.
She took off her apron, folding it and placing it on the end of the breakfast bar, in it’s exact location.
She turned to the door, back facing it, and sunk to her knees, forehead on the carpet, ass in the air, knees shoulder width apart.
This was her position for Sir, to be in always as he entered, so that his property was in full view as he entered his sanctuary.
She sighed again, it had been 4 days.
She knelt and thought of the last assignment, the last task and wondered to herself. Sir had expressed great happiness at it’s completion, but it was 4 days since with no other assignments. The mind of a slave is complex, and in that complexity, slut also found confusion.
She wondered how she would make Sir’s life simpler so that she could continue on her path of service. Was she not doing enough? Is that why she’d been given nothing else to do? Had his happiness at her completion satiated his thirst for stimulation? She almost chuckled aloud at that one, her Sir was insatiable.
And the sound of his foot steps was soon to be heard, the key in the lock was muffled by her heartbeat now pounding in her head and veins.
Sir entered in silence as he did most days, closing the door, and removing his shoes.
She always felt that she should be the one to do that, but this was his pattern.
She listened as his walk took him from the living room to the bathroom. From the bathroom to the bedroom, and if she tried very very hard she can see the cuffs of his slacks from the corner of her eye as Sir approaches.
He stands before her and his voice makes her tremble as he utters that familiar phrase; “All is as it should be, you may greet your Master.”
She at once leans forward to kiss his feet. She raises to a kneel to kiss his crotch, and then stands to kiss his lips. Sir is home.
“Welcome home Sir”, she says as she is trained, “How may your property assist you this evening?”
“The attire is acceptable, be dressed in 10 minutes so that we are not late.”
“Yes Sir.”
Slut stands and scurries into the bedroom to dress.
If that is what you want to call it. The dress chosen for the occasion is purple. One of Sir’s favorite colors. The halter dress is not a simple one to get into. With purpose Sir selected it because it was two sizes too small. With satisfaction he watched her in the dressing room squirming to fit inside of it. He smiled as she walked out to him that afternoon with her breasts barely contained and aureole showing on her left side. With pride he instructed her to turn around and the light in his eyes danced as the flared skirt lifted with her turn and her ass was exposed to him.
This evening was no different. The dress was still too small, and as slut struggled into it she allowed herself the smallest of smiles. Her drought of 4 days would soon be over.
Slut next took the glass plug off the bed, and began to lick. She’d been instructed that she was no longer allowed to use lube, and that she was to use saliva only.
As her tongue ran over the familiar grooves of her familiar tormentor, her body responded as was trained. Her nipples strained against the spandex of the dress and her scent quickly filled her nostrils. But tardiness is never allowed, so slut stopped daydreaming of her last assignment and prepared for her next.
With great effort she leaned her head back, opened her mouth wide and began to swallow her glass plug. It measured 8 inches long and 2.5 in circumference at its widest, and as always got stuck halfway through. But being the good slut she relaxed her throat muscles, and tilted her head further, so that the deep mucus at the back of her throat would cover her plug. She stood and gagged and resisted her reflex until she had 7 inches of it in her mouth, and then leaned back forward allowing the mucus and saliva to run over her plug, and down the back of her hand and fingers and then began insertion.
Despite the weeks of training, her ass was still not in whore shape. So slut used her right hand to spread her cheeks further apart and her left to glide her plug home.
When dressed like this slut’s role was to walk ahead of Sir, at least 15 feet. So that the sway of her hips can be observed, and it is not immediately known that Sir is with her.
It is a fairly quiet evening with most of the residents of the complex indoors, but the site of slut in her slut clothes has become the norm for the complex. The neighbors no longer gasp at her clothing, and the mothers no longer cling their sons to their hips to shield them.
Slut takes her seat in the Taurus, and reclines to her familiar position, legs open and hands extended above her head. She hopes that Sir will finger her along the drive, but has long since learned not to ask.
She closes her eyes and listens to the hum of the engine, and the drone of Sean Hannity. Typically the sound of that voice annoys her, but on this evening, knowing that she is about to be of service to Sir, nothing can remove her from her focus.
The lefts and the rights are not familiar to her however, this does not feel like the route to the barber shop, and slut’s breath quickens.
“You are correct, dear, we are not going to the barber shop today. Your Master knows that it has been 4 days and he has a different way to use you today.”
Slut rides in silence as her mind races, and she wonders what Sir has in store. But she is not afforded the opportunity to wonder long, because the car turns and stops.
Slut listens to the outside not yet opening her eyes, straining to figure out where Sir will be using her this time.
She can not hear other cars, but there are many male voices laughing, yelling, grunting even.
Sir opens her door and she rises, and sees her fate. She is stunned.
“Do not allow your surprise to have you forget your place whore.”
With hesitation she kisses Sir’s crotch from her seated position, and lowers her head so that her collar can be fastened. As Sir attaches her leash, she is tempted to beg but knows that her pleas would fall on deaf ears, and punishment for her offense would follow. In silence she stands, and walks until the leash is taut and awaits direction.
“Forward to the bleachers.”
Slut walks on rubber legs forward. The uneven grass difficult to navigate, but keeping her pace steady to maintain the tautness of the lease that holds her. As usual, Sir adjusts his pace so that he first walks beside her and then in front of her so that eventually he leads.
The walk is observed almost at once. The pick up game of football on hold, as Master and slut pass them to assume a position on the bleachers.
Sir sits and slut assumes her position. Kneeling in front of him. The rough wood on her knees is nothing to her it is the Georgia breeze on her exposed pussy that makes her tremble. And the sudden quiet.
Slut kneels for what feels like hours before the game picks up behind her and she can hear the familiar sounds of running and hitting.
“Suck your Master’s cock slut, and rub your clit while you do it. You are not allowed to cum.”
Those are the words she hears and she is at once light headed. But she is well trained. In seconds the bulging head of Sir’s mushroom is exposed and her hungry mouth retrieves him almost immediately.
It’s been 4 days since she was fed, and she was hungrier than she’d imagined.
Thoughts of her exposure were gone as soon as she tasted him and with reckless abandon she licked and nibbled and worshiped her master’s organ. Her right ring finger circled her clit, as she’d taught herself to produce moisture and arousal but not orgasm.
Soon slut was oblivious to all but the lust in her loins, and her Master’s cock deep in her throat.
When the hand first touched her ass she jumped just a little but continued to suckle as a hungry child at a breast.
The hand traced the arch of her back, and across both cheeks and slut moaned out of humiliation and excitement.
She felt her Master’s hands, both of them deep in her hair, and a tear escaped her eye as she realized the hand that was on her as was not Sir’s.
But she was hungry, very hungry and would not be removed from her sustenance. The hand on her ass continued to explore, and soon located her plug.
As if her ears were filled with cotton she heard the strange voice, “You sure man?”
“The whore is begging for it look at her.”
And like Pavlov’s dog the words produced a reaction in slut, that caused her fluids to run down her leg and her to wave her pussy in the air like a hairy brown bulls eye.
And then there were no more questions, instead she was filled. The cock inside her was not large but it was in and pumping and slut’s hungry cunt lapped at it and milked at it, as if she would never get a shot of dick again.
He was not ready for that response and he came very quickly. Slut groaned with disappointment from deep in her throat and was soon rewarded with the feel of another standing behind her preparing to enter.
Slut took this one too, steadied by Master’s cock she bucked back trying to swallow his balls with her lips too, lifted by her usage and fueled by the grunts and comments of the spectators.
Slut was being fed.
By her fourth violator Master had removed his cock from her mouth and her pleasure echoed across the field. Slut begged to be used, begged to be pounded and when they came inside her she purred with contentment.
As she grew louder and louder, she felt herself being lifted and turned. On her back another one took slut, her cries of pleasure soon muffled from the cock being shoved into her mouth.
Soon she lost count. The last she could remember was 8. Eight different men who’d climbed on top of her and emptied their balls into her hungry pussy. Groping at her, slapping at her tits, pulling at her hair, and ordering her to take their cocks like the whore that she was.
And eventually after all had shot their loads she looked up to see her Master smiling at her. Her legs would barley support her as she struggled back to her knees. As trained she spread herself wide so that the buckets of cum dumped inside of her spilled back out and leaked onto her thighs and calves. Some even spilling onto her shoes.
Then Master removed her plug, spit onto her open asshole and plunged into her deeply.
Her orgasm was immediate and its force expelled more cum out onto her body and his pants and Sir fucked her without mercy. Plunging balls deep again and again as slut’s body convulsed beneath him.
When she heard the roar from her Master she allowed herself one more orgasm as his seed filled her shit hole, and she knew her usage for the moment was almost complete.
Like the good slut that she was she turned and cleaned Sir’s dick, tucked it back into his pants and gasped aloud at the mess that she’d made. And then smiled to herself, knowing the price for him having to send his pants to the cleaners. The rubber flogger awaits.

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