Whoa Babe!

Someone called me prolific the other day.  For a change I just said thank you.  The migration to the new site is kicking my ass but it WILL BE DONE by July 1 I promise.

I think I will be a little LESS prolific in June as I set up the new home, but sometimes you just gotta say something:

As I ponder the intelligence of a man who sends dic pics over Twitter, I wonder if that is actually what the future holds for us?

I’ve mentioned on MORE THAN ONE occasion that men send me dic pics.  No problem for ME I like getting them, the problem would be if I were a less than honorable girl.  Sometimes there is a face attached to the photo, sometimes not, but the absence of your face doesn’t mean that it can not be proven it is you.

The conversations go something like this:

Would you like a dic pic? 
Well I don ‘t mind if I do!

I’ve got 43 thus far.

Dic pics happen to be in the news this week:

Anthony Weiner’s weener 

I’m not impressed……perplexed but not impressed.

I am unsure what the Representative from Brooklyn thought would eventually happen with his boxer briefs all over the web and up and down the AT&T data lines, but he should have expected that at some point someone would talk about the weener.

Why wouldn’t they?  I think the bigger question is why are we still talking about it.  These things should have a shelf life.  My recommendation would be 18 minutes.

I know that I am a tad bit different in how I view things sexually related, but 7″ of semi hard penis in briefs doesn’t seem like all that big a deal to me…not that big at all. *blink*

I get that we are still talking about it because he lied, but what the fuck else do you do when you live in a nation of prudes.

Yes America I am calling you prudish.

You see and hear sexual things and go AAACK EWWWW and run, and you spend millions of tax payer dollars wondering if Bill Clinton got a blow job.  Stop it.
This is not  big deal ….. really it is not.

So the conversation moves from OMG he dropped trou and sent a photo to OMG he’s cheating on his wife!

Stop it!

You have no clue what his wife tolerates, requests, desires.  If she is okay with it, who the hell are you to still toss stones.  She doesn’t appear to be pulling a Dina McGreevy,  if she does let’s have that conversation then shall we?

In a semi related matter…..is it just me or….

Anthony Weiner from the chest up
Former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevy

were these two separated at birth?  Just a thought…

I mean at least he sent the photos to WOMEN and didn’t pull a Congressional page into the copy room for a grope session.

As pissed off as I am at him for thinking this would never come out…I am more pissed at us for not letting this blow over.



 Its a dic pic….I’ve got 43 of them….not that impressive. 

Who cares if he spends his afternoon sexting?  Is his Congressional District in good shape?  He wasn’t elected because someone thought he was too good of a person to send I wanna spank you emails, he was elected because his people thought he could get the job done.  Is he getting the job done?  That needs to be the question.

Are we really going to hold our politicians accountable for their sex lives?  None of the women are underage….none of them have indicated that they did not want the pictures, what is the big deal?  He lied?

So this is the first time a politician has ever lied to you?  Oh. Okay.  If you are reading this and you had to call this week for your unemployment benefits, tell me, how’s that hope-y change-y thing working out for you?

Right ….anyway….I will get back to work on Vizionz new home….here’s a song for you…..it is one of my current favorites….

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