Let’s Go Half on a Baby….a Schwarznbaby

Or maybe not.

I am a biological mother of one, and the figurative mother of another.  It’s not a simple task to handle Bonnie & Clyde all by my lonesome.  It is why I am getting my tubes tied ( well one of the reasons anyhow ).  Adding an additional child to the mix is not something that makes sense for me.

Babies seem to be an accessory though.  They make every outfit look better ( or something ).

Nadya Suleman has a lot.  She became famous because she had a lot at one time. I’m not condoning it, and I have very strong feelings about it but she is not the reason for this particular writing.

Angelina finds one on every location shoot it seems.  She has a rainbow of kids that she totes about with Brad. 

Madonna went to Africa to get one…baby bumps are the rage in Hollywood from Natalie Portman to Kate Hudson.

The interesting baby accessory though is the mini Terminator.  The Schwarznbaby.

Well apparently it’s not a baby any longer, apparently the child is about the same age as Clyde.

The Terminator, the unexpected Governor of the state of California, the even more unlikely re-elected and now retired Governor got a little side action that resulted in a ‘love child’.

My first reaction?  So?

But the media is




I think they are just upset that no one thought to figure this out during the Gray Davis recall campaign.  It could have resulted in Gov. Coleman…..Gary Coleman….he ran for Gov back then too.

I personally think that a Coleman Gov would have been much more interesting but I digress…..the Schwarznbaby….

He fathered a child with one of the household maids.

So what?

Why should I care about the Schwarznbaby?

The shock and awe seems to be that this famous powerful man cheated on his wife.

This famous powerful man has cast a shadow on ‘Camelot’.

Sorry not going to be able to join the lynch mob, or the pity party.   Doesn’t compute for me.

Maria Shriver is dealing with what happens daily to millions of women in their relationships, infidelity.
While I feel bad that Arnold did not consider her important enough to strap up before he dove in, she’s not special.

Adult relationships are complicated.  There are so many variations of them, and more often than not our expectations of them are way higher than the actuality of them.

In a way I question the sanity of any woman who demands monogamy.  I know that it exists, but I question if it is natural.

Arnold cheated on Maria….okay.

Maria decided she doesn’t want a husband who cheats….okay.

Now what?

What purpose is served  by using time on MSNBC and Entertainment Tonight talking about the Schwarznbaby?  What does it change?  What does it alter? Does it pay your mortgage?


I could see if this was the masses using this latest example (in what seems like thousands of examples that came before) to discuss sexuality, commitment, monogamy, and expectations.

It does not appear to be doing that though.

I see lots of frowned noses at Arnold’s  choice of mistress.  The hired help….ewwww.  She’s not pretty…. eww.

I see lots of conversation about how awful it was for Arnold to do that to Maria.

I see lots of conversation about did Maria know or didn’t she know?

How is that changing your life exactly?

I’ll wait.

But Nicole!  You are writing about it!

Of course I am….I am disinterested not stupid.

The Schwarznbaby will bring traffic here to Vizionz.  Traffic is a good thing.  Doesn’t really make me care…it just makes me opportunistic.

What does it make you though constant reader?

Arnold had a baby a decade ago….is that dropping gas below $4 a gallon?

Arnold had baby a decade ago….is that reducing the amount of money we are spending occupying Iraq and fighting a war in Afghanistan to locate a guy we killed 2 weeks ago?

Is it dropping unemployment rates, preserving collective bargaining, battling obesity?


We can go half on a Schwarznbaby but maybe we could also focus on some other stuff as well.

Let’s examine our priorities.

Don’t stop reading because I am preaching though…..I will get back to the sex talk shortly….stay tuned.

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