Ready 2 Wear

Which item in your wardrobe would shock the fashion police? Do you wear it in public?

I used to have a kick ass wardrobe, as time has gone one it has dwindled some.  My life has changed and altered to the point that my clothes had to change as well.

I still have lots of great pieces but if I am in the house most likely you will find me in my scrubs & fuzzy socks.  Hot to death I know, but when you spend most of the day writing and cleaning you become more practical.

I still have a handful of ready to walk into the office business suits.  One or two ready to hit the cocktail hour dresses. 

I have many more versatile outfits that I can wear to the school for a teacher conference or out on a ‘respectable date’.

But I truly – very really and truly – miss being able to dress like a slut.

I still have many of those outfits, the kind that would get me on since most folk do not appreciate my jelly rolls.

And my response to that would be:

When I get to put on this sweater and call it a dress: 

Or this outfit:

Or this one:

Or this one:

I will wear it – outside and proud – and invite you to suck my dick if you have a problem with it.

I am not ashamed of my body, I am not ashamed of my sexuality.  If it is your preference to mock what you do not understand >>>>>>>>>go that way>>>>>>>>>  the line of idiots forms to the right.

There is a school of thought out that that I should hide my back fat, or I should camouflage my stomach….okay.  If that works for YOU proceed.  I’m not gonna be able to do it.

I spent over $100 for a Body Magic girdle almost 2 years ago:

It did what it was designed to do, it made me look 20 pounds smaller and made it appear that I had a waist, and I


Now I LOVE corsets, and this fit tighter than most of the corsets that I own, but I didn’t buy it to feel bound I bought it to conform to a standard that society says I am supposed to have:  that I am supposed to look smooth and  not have rolls.

Fuck all that.  It hurt to sit, I went pee on myself twice because you can’t get out of the fucking thing, and you can’t put it in the washer…you have to hand wash it….I don’t have time to hand wash anything except my ass.

I will never buy another body magic, or spanx, or other sort of body shape garment because it contradicts who I am.

I am a big fat girl with cellulite and rolls and not only do I love it HE loves it too.

I won’t get into how you secretly love it by the messages I get, I will let you stay in the closet.

It would absolutely offend the fashion police, and I absolutely don’t give a shit. 

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