Love & Hip Hop

I blame Negro Twitter for this.
Not for the show, but for me watching the show.

I do not watch a lot of television.  I limit myself to less than 5 hours per week that I make the effort to watch.  Most weeks it is even less.  The only shows that I make the effort to see are new episodes of Real Time with Bill Maher, and Law and Order: SVU. 

The television in this house is for Bonnie & Clyde and for background noise.  Quite frankly I have too many other things to do to waste in front of the boob tube. 

Yet somehow, I have seen Love & Hip Hop.

For those wondering here is the synopsis of the show from the perspective of a bottom bitch:

Girls date rappers, girl is rapper, girls get followed around by cameras being thirsty and setting a bad example for women everywhere.

Yeah that is about it.

You have Chrissy who fucks Jim Jones.  You have Olivia who used to might still fuck Darrell Revis and can sing a little.  You have Emily who might be fucking Fabolous but he is doing a 1970’s Mr Snuffaluffagus impression on the show, you hear about him but never seem him,  You have Somara who raps a little.

The Cast of the Show – also included in the bottom right is the former Mrs Swizz Beats

The one thing I can say about the show is that unlike others of it’s nature, no implication of marriage is in the title.  Yep, yet ANOTHER reality show about the ladies of famous men who are not married to those men.


Now Negro Twitter watched this or at least the first episode.  I can’t say that they kept watching it because when Negro Twitter gets to rolling about a show I bow out.  Again television is not important to me.

Shows like this are certainly not important to me.

I will go to my grave hopefully never having seen a Real Housewives episode and I suspect I will be better off for it.

How many of the Real Housewives are married anyway?  Oh?  That many?

The Basketball Wives?  Divorced?  Oh?
Football Wives?  Really?

As I said, at least THIS show doesn’t pretend.

Now to the point of why I had to write this.  There has been a lot of fuckery on the show from what I understand.  No one likes the big rapper chick and Emily is trying to understand why no one knows she has a child with Fab etc etc etc.

But what I saw last night, and what got me to typing was the proposal.

Chrissy apparently has been the girlfriend of Jim Jones for about 6 years.  Chrissy wants to marry Jim Jones.  Chrissy proposed to Jim Jones.

Yes she bought him a ring and asked him in front of an really big audience.

Ladies I need you to understand something.  What Chrissy did is not what is hot in the streets.  I need you to understand the thought process of a man.  If he wants you he tells you.  This is not nuclear physics.  If he wants to marry you he asks.  If he has decided that you are worth the license he will ask you.  There should really be no confusion about this.  There is nothing wrong with his vocal cords.

If he has not asked you to marry him it is because he does not want to marry you.  Period.

So what you’ve been with him for 6 years?  He doesn’t want to marry you, or else he would have asked you.

Men may take a little more time to ‘know’ than women in some cases, but they don’t take 6 years.

If they DO happen to take 6 years they are on some Jagged Edge we ain’t getting no younger bullshit and where in your fairytale is that romantic?

Most women have that fairytale of marriage in their head – which I do not support – but if you are holding onto that image, why on earth would you settle for some well I guess so nonsense?  Ladies I need you to do better.

What irks me about Love and Hip Hop is that these women are, setting the example for our daughters that you aren’t anyone until you are the girlfriend/wife of a famous man.

Get the entire fuck out of here with that.

Emily gets shot after shot of her going why won’t Fab claim me?  And our girls are seeing this, thinking okay well when it is my turn to date a rapper I will make sure the world knows I am his bitch.

Can we get a show called MBA wives?  Women with a college degree who work for a living and happen to be married?  Why do we keep telling our daughters that their goals should be to be married?

We need to teach our daughters that they need to be educated and happy.  The romantic trappings of love and marriage are not what validate you.

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