Maybe monogamy SHOULD be a Type of Wood

I catch a lot of heat about my views.  There are many who think that my outlook on sex and relationships means that I can not support their choices.  There is nothing that is further from the truth.
I will on multiple occasions encourage you to take a walk on the wild side but if you are not interested, I applaud you.
I wonder though why it is so hard for people to applaud me.
Yes I understand that I am a unicorn – but unicorns need love too!
No, I do not believe that human beings are naturally monogamous.  I think that we have been formed monogamous due to circumstance and a misogynistic society but I don’t think that we are naturally born that way.
I think that women should take more control of their sexuality and understand that the half of the species that gives birth is the half of the species that can set most of the rules since without you the human race dies out.  Yeah before you get to typing about it takes sperm too?  Until you can carry a child inside of you and then bring that child out of you through labor, it is not the same. Stop typing. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. 
But Nicole, you chose a relationship that makes you give up that control you said women have!
Yeah, I did.  I did it because it is where I feel most happy.  If others feel happy doing other things?  I dougie for you. 
I think that Western society is sexually repressed, and that even in my kinky ‘comunity’ that there are so many who refuse to open their eyes to anything that they have not done already 100,000 times, that one wonders how anything new ever gets done.
I am constantly assaulted by statements such as this:
What do you do when you are horny but you don’t sleep around?
My answer?  I fuck.
Their response:  No I want something more than casual sex I want a connection.
My answer?  There is a connection penis into vagina (or insert how ever you typically get down here)
Their response:  No something more substantial.
PSA – Nicole does not have bad sex.  I do not have bad sex, because I refuse to settle for less than what I physically need.  That goes for the ‘casual’ partner – to the one night stand – to HIM.
I have substantial sex if you aren’t? then maybe it is you boo.
There is this concept that sex can only be *good* if it is with someone you are in love with, or committed to or some other urban legend.
There is this concept that women like me are having unfortunate encounters with partners who have no interest in them.
Newsflash:  If we are fucking there is interest.
Am I saying that all sex is the same?  
N O P E not hardly.
What I am saying though is stop – please stop – trying to convince me that my multi orgasmic encounters with partners who I do not know the last name of is less than your perhaps not multi orgasmic encounters with your wife (or your husband).
I make suggestions to people that I think will make them happier but I do not in any way say do what I have done.  
So why must I listed ad nausea to people explaining to me that my sex is not the best.  That I am selling myself short by not holding onto the pussy until I meet someone that I can commit to and live happily ever after with?
I do believe in fairy tales but just not that one.
For the record?  I do enjoy sex with HIM more than sex with people who are not HIM.  That will not prohibit me from enjoying sex though if HE is off on a business trip.  I will not hobble myself and HE does not require me hobbled so there can be lots of naked mambo happening.  
I should also not be judged for it.  If the parameters are acceptable to HIM – why should you question it?
I get statements like at some point you grow up and want something more.
I am quite grown, and I have something more.  I choose to also have my extras.
If monogamy is your style applause!
But if you turn out to be one of those serial monogamists?  Where you jump from relationship to relationship because you are horny?  Well don’t be surprised if I make a suggestion that you try something different.
I will not judge you if you ignore that advice, but er ummm I expect a little reciprocity.

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