It is Thursday April 28 as I type this, hours away from the “ROYAL WEDDING”

Some will question the amount of estrogen in my body because of this, and I can assure you, I have plenty.

Some will say that I am less than romantic because of this, I know one person who would disagree, and HIS opinion is the only one that matters.

I have only been to 3 weddings in my life.

My aunt Valerie’s, I was the flower girl, and I walked too early.

My co-worker Celeste’s – that was at the union hall, in the coldest winter on record or at least in my memory. 

My best friend’s – I was a bridesmaid. 

Weddings do not impress me.

Wedding dresses do not impress me.

Fanfare and storybook settings do not impress me.

Now – part of that comes from my opinion on marriage.  To bring the new reader up to date, marriage is not about love, it is about property.  While it is wonderful if you happen to marry a person that you love, what marriage is about is about who gets the stuff when you die.

Love transcends the ‘sacrament’ of marriage, and you don’t need a license to love.

While the true love, forever and always dedication is attractive, it can be achieved with out the license.  The license is for the state, it is the rest of it that is for the couple, and that is what matters to me.

The media is in a frenzy over the Royal Wedding, and although I am powerless to stop it, I need them to get over it really really fast.  TGIF will have a new meaning for me tomorrow.

I am over – totally over the hype of the union of William & Kate.

I get it, it’s going to be a big and grand production.  You will see things that you can only dream of since most of us are not royals.  The majesty will be in the air, and little girls all over the planet will want to be pretty like a princess like Kate.

THAT is the problem.

A generation of little girls will see Kate in her 70′ train and want to grow up and be just like that.

It is not realistic, it is not practical, it is not what little girls should be idolizing.

First, the money that it takes to put on a wedding like the one Kate & William will have is not something that most of us will see in a lifetime.  Some of us may get rich, some may become wealthy (there is a difference) but most of us will work for a living.  If you work for a living the cathedral and the dress, and the flowers, and the royal air force flying over as you kiss is not something that you will have should you ever get married.

Second, it implies that the wedding day is the most important day of a woman’s life.  It is not.  The day she gets her period is pretty important.  The day she becomes a mother is pretty important.  The day she graduates college is pretty important.  They are all also more relevant to her life as a whole than saying I Do.  Her husband may not stay but that Bachelor’s always will. 

Do we not fuck up the brains of our daughters enough?  We already tell them they are second class citizens, they are fat, that they can’t be in charge that is for men, that they are only worth 89 cents of a man’s dollar, that they must be sexually inhibited so that a man will eventually want them, we must NOW make them want a wedding they can not realistically have?

I wish William & Kate love and happiness.  I think everyone should be happy in the ways that they need to be happy.

I also wish that while we are sucking Britain’s dick, that we understand the damage we could be doing to our daughters.

When they grow up and realize the fairy tale they saw on TV is not possible for them it will make them bitter. 

Do we need more bitter lonely women?  I think not.

The royal wedding orgasm is not a good thing.  I  just wish that more of us thought that way.

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