Yes Mr President You DO Have Better Things to Do

I am very much an individual, and I rarely take on the pain of others as my own.  I don’t allow the fact that Flava Flav exists to make me less proud of being Black, and I don’t allow the fact that Rosie O’Donnell & her crocs being gay prevent me from expressing my sexuality.

As I type this I am unsure if I am ashamed of the President.

A little real talk first so you understand where I am coming from: I am not an Obama fan.  I never have been.  I did not vote for him in the primaries, nor did I vote for him in the general election.  No I did not vote for McCain either, I wrote in a candidate.

I found the man to be wholly unqualified for the job when he ran, but I did give space for the two of us to grow into his presence in the White House.  I have never sipped the kool aid though.

I have not been impressed by much of what the President has done.  I feel that a better qualified candidate could have gotten more done with the advantage that Obama had in his first two years, but we didn’t have one we had him.

I think he’s made many rookie mistakes, but overall I can’t say that he has been a bad President.

Today though took me right back to the primaries of 2008 and I realized just how green this man is.  I suspect that he is talented and brilliant but you don’t give the kid with a learner’s permit the lead car spot in the Indy 500.

Let’s get even more real shall we?

Much of the difficulty that Obama has faced is because America is not ready for a Black President.  Liberals stopped singing we shall overcome as soon as Hillary took the stage at the convention, and the rest of us put on our seat belts for what we knew was ahead.

There have just been too many attacks on this President to make him look illegitimate that a White President would not have to face.

Bill Clinton can tell you how far the extreme right will stoop to discredit an effective left candidate, but he would also tell you that while they may have hated him and his wife even more, this level of fuckery is something different.

Barak Obama is a US citizen.  Period.  Trust and believe, if there was a way to prove that he was not Hillary Clinton would have found it, and she would be President right now.

The concept that the President of the United States of America stopped what he was doing to have a press conference to discuss his birth certificate is something that I am ashamed to say even happened.

I am ashamed that I live in such a country of ignorant bigots that this is an issue two years into the man’s first term.  I am disgusted that the media continued to feed the story by inviting blow hards like Donald Trump to speak on it as if it were gospel.  I am angry that the President entertained the story at all, let alone wrote to the Department of Health in Hawaii, got the document, and released it and then spent 6 minutes of his time talking about it on live TV.

I watched my internet groups and Twitter applaud the President for such a lovely slap to the face of the Don and the media, and I wanted to slap him for gong there.

Not that I would actually slap him, but I am angry enough to do it.

I don’t have to be a fan to understand the real deal.  I need not have an Obama button to understand that he is the PRESIDENT.  He really does have better things to do.  If by chance you don’t think he does take a look at the unemployment numbers, and the gas prices, and then go buy a tee shirt made in the USA and holla @ a sista.

Yeah Mr President, you have better things to do.  Your birth certificate was a distraction to the silly people with the single digit IQs who were not going to vote for you anyway.

For those of us who do NOT have to take off our shirt to count to two, it was not a distraction.

The very idea that you took time out of your day to entertain any of this is just beyond words for me and while the carnival barker line was cute?  YOU HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO.  If you had an extra 6 minutes you could have counted your pubic hairs, that would at least have been an accomplishment.

Instead you wasted 6 minutes talking to people who are going to turn straight to the Drudge Report and talk about how you are still not legitimate.

There are certain things you should be above, and attempting to silence the birthers is one of those things.

I need you to do better.

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