Damn me & my active imagination. 

Damn me and my need to over think things.

Last night a DJ saved my life – today I was reminded of just how wonderful it can be to have a Daddy.

He once asked me if what was displayed was so unfamiliar that I could not recognize it, that would be an affirmative.

Without the details either of the incident from yesterday or from the events of today I can say I am one lucky bitch

no not lucky, fortunate.

luck implies a randomness that doesn’t truly exist in the world.

trust is still not simple for me, but it can get simpler

If I allow myself to relax

I will keep you posted on that…in fact it ties into something else that I have been meaning to write about.

While you are waiting for that one though I want to share a rarely seen version of the Frankie Goes to Hollywood video.

No it doesn’t exactly tie into what I am feeling but I love the BDSM theme, I love the leather bar, I love the bears and I love Frankie.

It is worth the watch if for no other reason…he wrestles a tiger.

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