Sex & the City

No Resemblance Here

I loved the show while it was on the air.  It was set in Manhattan, my favorite ‘town’ in all of the world, and it was about four single and fabulous ladies.  Plus I am bi – sexual, if you have any gay in you chances are you will love the show.

The main character is Carrie Bradshaw, writer, fashionista, glitterati, and fun girl.  Carrie wrote a column for a fictitious New York newspaper. The column, Sex & the City was about the life of a single girl.

When I first saw the show I wanted to know how Candace Bushnell had gotten into my head.  My shoe closet was not nearly as expansive as Carrie’s but I would be damned if other things were not clicking.  It then occurred to me that the life of a single woman  was not unusual.  It was how the life was lived and delivered that made it special.

I first took figurative pen to paper to write my story seriously after the first break up with the ex.  It was therapeutic and it was interesting.  I think it was interesting anyway.  I have picked it up, the manuscript over and over in the past decade.

No it is still not finished.  I feared finishing it, because it felt like it would close the door on the ex, and I never quite had the strength to do that, not even after court.

Somewhere along the lined I realized that the Romeo & Juliet story of US was not all that I had to talk about.  I went back to the basics and started writing about just me.  That manuscript got picked up and put down just as much as the love story.

I finally realized that the separation of the two was not acceptable and it was time to combine them.

I still do not understand totally how the book will end.  I have made up endings, and how things actually concluded and neither seems to do the journey up until now justice.  It could be the dollar signs thinking of the screenplay it could become, but it is more that I am not yet finished.

As I prepare the the Vizionz migration, I will share some of the story.  Both stories.

I was reading the third version of life with the ex as Sex & the City played in the background.  It was the series of episodes when Adian proposed to Carrie and the fallout from the woman saying yes to the dream and still wanting that dream with another man.

I once again wondered how the writers were in my head, but I don’t worry about it because I am far more interesting.  I think I am interesting anyway.

There will still be interviews, and letters, and stories of slavery and sex, but the next few weeks will be more about preparing you constant reader for the next stage of Vizionz. 

I hope that you will come along for the ride, I hope that you will enjoy it.  I hope that I can do the history justice. 

I am still struggling with how to tell the story of the ex, and preserve the privacy he needs, but at the end of the day it shall work itself out.

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