Conspiracy Theory

I don’t do this often but today I was inspired.
We are about 12 hours away from the shut down of the United States Government.
Seems like a silly thing, and it really is, there is no reason WHY the government should be stopping. The only reason why it would happen? There are people in power who fear losing that power and they will go to any cost to preserve that power.
In hip hop there is constant reference to the Illuminati as if they were an organization that did not exist. Mind you after being on Twitter I now realize that people can not S-P-E-L-L Illuminati, let alone have a true understanding of how it operates. But then again that is part of the plan to.
I suspect that by the end of THIS blog, I will lose some people – and gain others….I am okay with that though. At some point someone will hear the message and I will not have typed in vain. What they do with the message is not my concern.
The government shut down of the 1990’s and the government shut down of 2011, are not about Democrats protecting poor people. It is about the preservation of privilege and power.
The United States was not built on the concept of freedom and equality. It was built by men with guns, and slave labor to later become the richest country in the world. The pilgrims did not flee England to have religious freedom, they fled to have economic freedom. They found it, and they are not willing to release it, I need you to understand that.
The government shut down has come down to ‘riders’ or amendments to a budget bill for a fiscal year that is already half over.
The ‘new’ House of Representatives has decided that Elmo is evil (and they are kind of right on that one) and that Planned Parenthood should not be funded.
The choices of the House Republicans in what they are choosing to draw the line on, are all about keeping segments of this population in poverty. Not just brown people, but any segment of the population that those in power have deemed not worthy.
The attack on the funding of Planned Parenthood is not about federal abortion funding. No sir. It is about denying those without access the ability to practice family planning. If you can keep them pregnant, you can keep them compliant. Think not? Okay. If you are a parent – and not just a mother but a parent, you understand that there are things that you just do not do once you have a child. There are things that you DO because you have a child you would never do if you did not have a mouth to feed that was not yours. Add 3 or 4 to that equation and you have an effective method of control.
Now mind you, Helen in the suburbs having sex with the Mexican Gardner while Ted is at the law firm in the city needs Planned Parenthood too. Can’t take the clap to the family doctors for treatment – no sir. But you CAN go to Planned Parenthood for some discreet penicillin. But just like Ray Ray and Aiesha, Ted and Helen are not people in power…so they do not matter.
Representative Rehberg says : Pell Grants are the new welfare. Once you have a population unable to family plan step two to management is to keep them ignorant.
The assault on our public school systems have been going on for years. Attacks on the teacher’s unions, vouchers, charter schools, No Child Left Behind.
A free education is essential to democracy – because it levels the playing field. If only the privileged have access to education then only the privileged set the rules. Chip away at what the masses are taught and you chip away at their ability to become one of you. In 2011 our public schools are teaching everything but the necessities and those in power are okay with that. Water down the educational system and prevent family planing and you have another layer to management.
Now that you have a population that is spitting out babies, and can’t spell babies you are getting out numbered.
Now you have to mange a population that is bigger than you. Those in power understand that there is strength in numbers, but they also understand how to manage those numbers.
It is done on a multitude of levels.
Fear is most effective. You don’t agree? Okay. Where were YOU on September 11, 2001? Just that MENTION churned up emotion didn’t it? It was supposed to – it is still used to control you. Now it doesn’t work on everyone….9/11 is not as effective a tool of control in a Black neighborhood. Then again Blacks in the United States are terrorized on a daily basis, 3000+ people in Manhattan has little impact on driving while Black.
But it does work on a White majority that has enjoyed a level of White privilege over the centuries that suddenly felt afraid.
People that feel afraid, will do anything to not feel afraid again. That includes applauding the Patriot Act and voting for Michelle Bachman.
They also feel less afraid if you give them guns. No? Then please explain to me why our Constitution is only ‘sacred’ when we are talking about the right to bear arms, and negotiable when we talk about everything else.
I’ll wait. I have time. files nails
Attack trade unions which are organized methods of dispensing information and are providing a living wage for the population.
Do all of this at the same time, and you have a confused populace, that is needy, hungry, looking for a savior and thinks that savior’s name is Glenn Beck.
Toss in some good old fashioned class war fare, a little racism, a little sexism, and you have a society that is difficult to navigate if you are not a White male. But even the average White male is having issues these days, now you have to be an exceptional White male. You can’t just be Joe the Plummer….you have to be Ethan Hawke.
Can you see the big picture? I doubt it, but I am pointing at it just the same. The same way I point and say if you actually think that 9/11 was an act of terrorism spearheaded by Muslim exteremists to incite fear to the infidel….you have been sniffing glue.
A decade later the REAL affects of 9/11 are there for you to see, if you are paying attention.
Osama Bin Laden could give 2 flying fucks about the twin towers, and the lives of Americans.
Those in power give MORE than 2 flying fucks about setting a nation into chaos to maintain their status. If you start a war to avenge a wrong you can bankrupt a nation and then say well we can’t afford this budget….lets make some cuts.
Can you hear me now?
As informed as you think you are….you know little. As safe as you think you are… are ass out exposed.
There is a reason why critical thinking is taught in college and not in 10th grade. 10th grade is free…college costs money, and if you limit Pell Grants, you limit access to the information.
The government shut down is bigger than not being able to get a passport. Bigger even than grandmom’s social securty check on the 3rd. I need you to pay more attention.

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