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Dear Mr. Lurie

My name is Nicole and I am a football fan.  More importantly I am a Philadelphia Eagles fan.  I have been since diapers, I was raised a good girl with good values.  No front running in this household. I have … Continue reading

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TIGFinally Over!!!!!

Only one person chose to share their thoughts on my royal wedding blog, but many of you sent me a message. Thank you, feedback is always welcome, and my only wish is that more of you would post publicly. The … Continue reading

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It is Thursday April 28 as I type this, hours away from the “ROYAL WEDDING” Some will question the amount of estrogen in my body because of this, and I can assure you, I have plenty. Some will say that … Continue reading

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Yes Mr President You DO Have Better Things to Do

I am very much an individual, and I rarely take on the pain of others as my own.  I don’t allow the fact that Flava Flav exists to make me less proud of being Black, and I don’t allow the … Continue reading

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Damn me & my active imagination.  Damn me and my need to over think things. Last night a DJ saved my life – today I was reminded of just how wonderful it can be to have a Daddy. He once … Continue reading

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