I take things very personally very seriously most times.   I get animated and excited about things that I should most probably leave alone but they hit a nerve and I get to dancing.

One of my biggest pet peeves when discussing my lifestyle with others in my lifestyle is that there is this grand perception that there is only one true way to do this thing that I do.

It is that idea that drives me more insane than anything else.

That what works for HIM and me would  not work for someone else so I must obviously be doing it wrong.

*eye roll*

My personal philosophy typically is live and let live.   Mind you there are things that I could not ever see myself doing – but if you like it I like it for you.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am a judgmental bitch. When I see something that makes no sense to me I will say it – and I will tell you that I think you are an idiot, but I don’t attempt to vilify you for it, or even make an effort to discredit you for it.

But you just said Nicole you would call them an idiot.

Yeah I would.

If you have never tried a fire cupping set before, and you convince your slave to let you test it out on her, and you give her 2nd degree burns  because you don’t know what the fuck you are doing….I will call you an idiot.

I won’t try to stop you though.  See as I look at it?  If you set yourself on fire and eliminate yourself the gene pool is safer sooooo……burn baby burn.

There seems to be a tendency in my Fetlife travels to engage with folk who say a Master doesn’t do xyz and a Dominant doesn’t do abc.

For example there is an ongoing debate that just won’t seem to die (no matter how many times we have tried to kill it…it’s worse than Jason Vorhees) that true Dominiants don’t eat pussy.


There is conversation that a true Dominant does not do THAT because it is a subservient thing to do. Oh?  So having your dick in some woman’s mouth where she is licking and sucking and humming and drooling and spitting and worshiping and making your toes curl and controls if you cum or not is NOT a submissive act?  GTFOHWTBS  If you think that eating pussy is submissive, imma need you to take your shriveled up lil dick and keep it tucked into your tightie whities forever and ever amen.

A Dominant man does what he wants to do because he wants to do it and he makes the rules.  If that happens to be to drive his bitch crazy with a tongue like a hitachi who the fuck am I to tell him  not to do that?

Another trueism that drives me crazy is the double standard of behavior.

There is an online perception that to be mister domlydomdomdom you have to be hard and you have to be stern and you can not allow affection for your submissive to dictate any aspect of your relationship.

MMWTBS (miss me with that bullshit)

You are going to treat me ONE way in the privacy of our own home and conform to what a dysfunctional community says you should do when we are out at events?  No Sir!  Not and have me call you Daddy.

If you make it a habit of opening my car door and pulling out my chair for seating at dinner, you are going to do that on Tuesday’s at our home AND at the Master/slave Conference formal dinner.   You are either man enough to be your individual independent self or you are not man enough to get me to say that I belong to you.

By now it should be painfully fucking clear that what other’s think of me matters as much as the punchline of the joke why did the chicken cross the road.  My interest in how others see me directly relates to their relevance in my life.

Bonnie & Clyde are relevant – Daddy is relevant – my friends are relevant.

A handful of semi strangers who I run into at kinky events are not relevant to me in the big scheme of things.

While I am speaking about kinky events (at least for the moment) this is post #98.  For post 99 and 100 I will be talking about 2 things that are very important to me.

#1 The Black BEAT Conference coming this August
#2 An interview with an author friend of mine

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