Reunion Part One Love & Basketball

So ….. the Basketball Wives Season 2 Reunion was this evening.

I am torn between a yawn and a lecture….I will allow you to decide at the conclusion which this qualifies.

Lesson One : I really do not like Evelyn Lozado as she is portrayed on the show.  I happen to think that what you see ON  the show is precisely  who she is, but I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt that she could be different. 

I met many women like Evelyn when I traveled in those circles. I didn’t like them then either.  Yes one of my athletes was married when we dated, but just like every other chick that traveled in those circles, I knew.  I made that choice and I will have to pay the karma for that.

Evelyn revealed on the show that she knew Kenny had kids, and that she knew he was ‘engaged’ to a woman who was different than Tami, and she still dated Kenny.  So own it.  Just say, I knew and I didn’t care.  I knew and I thought that my swag was better and that I could change his mind.  I knew and it wasn’t about him it was about breaking into the circle. 

Instead….she is still playing ‘innocent’.  You don’t look that hard at her age, and while she is beautiful you can tell she’s lived hard.  Evelyn give it up please.  I also don’t buy the Ocho Cinco romance, but hey they could prove me wrong right?

Lesson Two : Royce has testicles.   During my review of the show I thought of Royce gee what a wimp!  During the reunion she let it all hang out and did what I wanted her to do multiple times during the show – tell frick and frack (Evelyn and Jennifer to shut the fuck up)  She was acting like a woman who was not invited back for season 3…hmmmmmm

Lesson Three : Eric still loves his wife and he is hurt that she is not willing to give him another chance.  Jennifer really rubs me the wrong way, but again…..its what the cameras have shown me.  She strikes me as a beautiful woman who went out and got an ugly man thinking that he would spend eternity thanking the characters of the bible that she picked him. Instead she didn’t realize that an ugly baller is still a baller.  Eric for the record is not hideous, but it feels like that is what Jennifer thought when she said I do.  I am still perplexed as to how you expect monogamy from a professional athlete but then again maybe it is just me.

Lesson Four : Shawnie is smart.  She moves those around her well and I am soooooo not mad at her.

Lesson Five : I still don’t know if I love or hate Tami.  I am still mad at her that she let Evelyn get under her skin like that but I suppose I can understand.  I suppose. 

She’s still spouting off at the mouth about Evelyn’s betrayal, but I still say so what?  She’s saying it’s about Evelyn trying to be her friend and keeping the secret, but the secret only matters if she is still committed to Kenny.

His jump off from a decade ago matters?  No it doesn’t. She’s trying to be your friend now?  No she’s not.  She’s on a TV show…you know that thing that started us knowing who Tami was to begin with? 

I have a difficult time understanding that you thought you were going to walk into a reality show and come out with life long friends.  Really?  So you and Beth still have lunch?  

What I am truly confused about is how there was enough for a part two of the reunion.  Why they picked Salley, and why I plan on tuning in. 

What I was happy to see?  The fierce shoes the ladies had….gotta love the shoes.

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