One of the more frequent questions I have gotten since November:  Is it normal __________?

I thank each and every one of you who takes the time to email me, I would like to suggest though, that you consider posting your questions as comments on the blog, even if you choose to do it anonymously.  Your question is on someone else’s mind, and it enhances the blog when you chime in.

But back to the question: is it normal?

Normal is relative in this thing I do.  It seems like a non answer but it is the only one that I have to give.

What is normal for me will not be normal for you, but what I can do is share my thoughts, my experiences and make suggestions.

Example:  Is it normal for Master to say that I will have to drink his urine?

No it is not ‘normal’ but it could be a ‘normal’ part of YOUR relationship.

Let me explain further.

In this things that I do – what it is at the heart – is one leader/one follower.  Period.  If you make the decision to follow, choose carefully, but do not resist following.

I will expand.

D/s & M/s comes in all shapes – sizes – and combinations.  At the center of it all though is that one person is the leader and the rest follow.  There is sex or no sex – sadomasochism or not – marriage or not – co habitation or not – etc etc etc.

How I serve HIM is different that how you will serve yours, but that is because they are different people.

Is it normal to have Master say that I must drink his urine?

For me?  The answer is a qualified yes.  While I enjoy water sports, I do not have a craving for it, unless he has taken me to that point of craving.  It is all based on him.

Drinking urine is important to me – because HE is important to me – not because urine is important to me.  HIS urine is important because it is HIS.

It is a ‘normal’ suggestion now and would not have been 10 years ago, but that is because I am different than I was 10 years ago.

All that being said, I still haven’t had a sip of HIS recently, and who knows it could be 4 years from now before I do.  It revolves around HIM and HIS desires.

Because I belong to HIM, the idea that I may or may not want to drink HIS urine doesn’t mean as much as my desire to do it for HIM.

There are those who would say it is unhealthy, or that it is the ultimate act of submission.  I call bullshit on both of those statements.  There is NO ULTIMATE ACT OF SUBMISSION – and the health risks involved with a sip or two of urine is not all that serious.

So is it ‘normal’ for that to be asked of a submissive or slave?  No it is not – but the request comes from a place of normalcy.

This is a delicate ebb and flow of give and take.  It feeds the souls of both the Dominant and the submissive.  It is looked on from the outside world as a degrading act, but it is MORE about the two of you exploring the boundaries of the relationship.

If you Master is into humiliation and degradation, chances are at some point he will say lemme pee on you.  And chances are that he really WANTS to pee on you.  Not necessarily because he likes to pee on folk, but because it is the turkey sandwich to his hunger of humiliation.  It’s not asking …. hmm I wonder if I can get slave to do it … it is the satisfaction in knowing that slave is willing to do it for Master.

I am also in no way – shape – form or fashion suggesting that if you have issues with urine in your direction that you agree to it because Master said so.  Not really.

If it is that hard of a line that you do not wish to cross it for Master, then the question truly is – did I pick the right Master for me?

There is a term tossed about in the online world of NO LIMIT SLAVE.  I consider myself a no limit slave but it again is qualified.  If HE walked in the door tomorrow and said I am going to bugger the boy in the arse – Vizionz will be on hiatus because a murder trial can be time consuming.

My child is a limit – but in reality it does not exist for me because HE will never walk in the door and make that statement.

No limit means more that I have chosen a Master who’s limits are compatible with mine and we are synergy because of it.  I have had a Master who’s limits were not like mine, and that is why he is no longer my Master.

Is it normal?  If you have to ask that question? Or similar questions?  The question you may want to ask yourself is have I given myself to the right person?

I understand that affection and desire and love can convince you that you are capable of serving in this manner, but when you question over and over is this normal?  It could be a warning sign, that it is not a correct fit for you.

When you have chosen the person who is the correct fit for you?  Normal is not a question that you ask.  There will be questions…but they will not include the word normal.

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