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As promised…..this is why Tami was wrong…or Maybe It Is Just Me 2.0

I don’t spend too much time dwelling on the things that I can not understand, but when certain things pop into my space time and time and time again, I will reflect on it.

As I said yesterday I watched Basketball Wives for the first time.  The big ‘reveal’ in the season finale was that one of the girls had slept with another of the girls husband while they were still married.

Okay now let’s talk:

1.  Evelyn says I did not know that Kenny was married!  Bullshit.  Evelyn may not win the Nobel Prize in Physics, but she knows what she knows.  What she apparently knows is how to date athletes.  If she knows how to date an athlete, then she also knows which ones are single and which ones are married.  She knows if she is the jump off or the main chick.  I know this because I have dated more than one professional athlete.  YOU KNOW.  What she SHOULD HAVE SAID:  I thought you had one foot out the door, the other on a banana peel, and I was trying to wax the floor.  It wasn’t personal it was just business.  Had she said that?  The chances of Tami smacking her in the mouth like she did decrease significantly. 

2. Tami says that it was not the sex, she is over Kenny so that is not the issue.  It was that she was trying to build a friendship with Evelyn and she withheld the secret.  That was part of it, but the real deal?  Tami is still walking around mad that she is no longer Mrs. Kenny Anderson.  She may not even love him any longer – but that lifestyle is hard to walk away from.  She had in front of her every groupie that had paid Kenny a visit manifested in Evelyn and here was the chance to fuck them up for her not being able to deal with dating a professional athlete.

Let me be clear:  EVERY PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE DOES NOT CHEAT.  Most of them do though.  I question the sanity of any woman out there entering into that relationship expecting monogamy.  He’s not Joe the Plumber…he has options…and he will exercise them, as he exercises everything else on his body.  So you have to be woman enough to understand he will always be surrounded by pussy, and sometimes he is going to fall into it.

Ask yourself – did he bring home syphilis?  Are there 2 other women out there waiting to donate amniotic fluid for the DNA test? Is he providing for you and your children?  Are his side chicks disrespectful or do they know their role? 

If you dated a police officer, you understand that there is inherent danger in his job.  You marry a baller?  You need to understand that there is inherent pussy a plenty that comes with his job, you man up, and you either deal with it, or you date an accountant.

So was Evelyn right?  Well, she crossed a line that I would not cross – IF I KNEW – but that is her karma to work off not mine. 

The person what was most wrong though was Tami.

Yes Tami.


Tami, you are not married to Kenny any longer.   What he did or did not do during the course of your marriage is as relevant as common sense on the Glen Beck show.  You know that he cheated on you over and over, you just happened to run into one of the girls.  So what? It happened what 10 years ago?  Exhale and move along.

Evelyn if she knew he was married or not had no commitment to YOU.  Your feelings were not a factor, and she didn’t betray your trust.

Calling her a ho is not attractive in a 40 year old woman.  She knows she is a ho, and she doesn’t care.  You are wasting breath, brain cells and energy.  Move along.

For the record?  Had I slept with Kenny during my travels with the men of the NBA?  I wouldn’t tell your half crazy ass either. 

What this fight was also about though?  Is the irrational theory that women have that they can tell a man where to put his dick. 

Ladies it is not attached to you, if you have a marriage license or not.  He can put it where ever he likes.  As often as he likes.  If you want a man who is not going to put it anywhere but in one of your holes? Choose one who will.  They are not unicorns, they exist.  If you happen to choose one who likes to hump around?  Acknowledge it and stay or go, but do not make you and him miserable by trying to make him monogamous, when he clearly is not.

All of these ex wives and girlfriends thought that THEY would be different.  They aren’t.  The pussy is not lined in diamonds and the peach cobbler can be duplicated.

You picked him, don’t try to alter him.

If Tami felt that she could not roll with Evelyn after hearing about the affair?  Walk away.  Slapping at her with your Newport heavy hand is not the answer.

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