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I had the fortune of being photographed today πŸ™‚ 

I like to be watched….should not be a big surprise considering you are reading this blog.  Let’s face it I could just write all of this stuff down in a WORD document or over @ Live Journal, but I want you to watch me.

Once upon a time I didn’t like to be watched.  It annoyed me, it frightened me, it made me feel awkward. I was one of those women who wanted all the lights off. 

I’ve only watched myself on film once though.  Been on film?  Let’s just say your grand-kids can wank off to the photos and footage of me out there.

It was the last ‘squad’ ski trip that I went on.  The midget Dominant killed future events for me. 

The first ski trip I went on…well I didn’t know WHAT to expect.  I just knew I was hanging out with my peeps.  I got the message once the bus pulled out of the parking lot on Vine St.  The music came on the liquor started pouring & typically what happens on the mountain stays on the mountain.  But er ummm, if I do that YOU don’t have a story.

We hit the Friar Tuck Inn, 400+ and within minutes, there was the familiar scent of marijuana floating in the halls and the familiar sounds of ass slapping.

I’d had waaaay too much jungle juice on the bus, and hadn’t yet become the weed head I would turn into.  My lovely friend Carla was too busy enjoying herself to pass her joint so she gave me one of my own.  *blink*

I wasn’t a weed virgin, but it had been a minute or so since I’d smoked a joint all to myself.

After THAT?  Lots of things are a blur, but not my outfits which got smaller and smaller as the weekend went on, not the pajama party where Adrienne won the old skool dance off (right…THAT was a surprise NOT)

Not the multiple partners I had that weekend.  Now I can’t remember their NAMES, but I remember the sex.  Hell some of it was even good.

The last ski trip I was on though….god had a joke for me….Aunt Flo.

Now if you are going on a ski trip with your PARTNER Aunt Flo is not an issue….I was single.  I suppose you can kind of count Tori as a partner, but ummm no.

Tori happened to be on the rag too *sigh*

So there I was on the mountain with a bloody pussy, and a video camera. 

I’d never been on film before, and figured this was as good a time as any, so I found a victim.  I mean I selected a volunteer. 

It went kind of like this:

Tori grab the camera.
I want to tape something.
I want to see how I suck dick.

Stepped out into the hallway and there was ______________.  His name I do remember, or at least I remember his nickname.  He will remain nameless here since I don’t know if he’s involved with someone and I am not trying to have him answer a decade old question.  I will say though my performance was fucking extraordinary, and to this day the men of the squad look at my mouth funny.

In a semi -related matter?  I have gotten better πŸ™‚

I still wasn’t ready for that to go prime time.  So when we were all @ the shop watching the trip videos I turned it off before we got to the x-rated events. 

I no longer have that concern though.

Would I be ashamed if the midget saw me on film?  NO.  I am what I am, and if he somehow stumbled on his momma’s “work” I would explain it the best way I knew how to a child with Autism.  Of course if he stumbles across it before his 18th birthday somebody is getting an ass whuppin, but that is another story for another time.

Today’s pics are not for public consumption, there are a reminder for me of who I belong to. When he finally sees them, he will love them I am positive. There is a video too, a kind of behind the scenes, the making of type of thing.  Maybe one day I will get permission to post that.

In the meantime one of the highest compliments you can pay to me is …. you ought to be in pictures.   I will smile and ask where is the camera. 

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