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Girl Talk

One word created much thought for me today: Single. ********* I have female friends, close female friends.  I tend to be wary of women that do not.  It is because I have been trained to be wary through the women … Continue reading

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Literary Vizionz – An Interview with Sir Guy BDSM Educator & Author

This is my little corner of the universe but I do hope that some of the curious come out to visit me here in Kinkland. If we are similar constant reader, erotica is a part of how you discovered kink, … Continue reading

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What NOT to Wear

As I am waiting for feedback for my big two entries I ran across something that I needed to share. I was filtering my email and tossing things into folders as I do, and realized that I still have 300 … Continue reading

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I take things very personally very seriously most times.   I get animated and excited about things that I should most probably leave alone but they hit a nerve and I get to dancing. One of my biggest pet peeves when … Continue reading

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ABC easy as ….

I am a supporter of being out about your sexuality.  It doesn’t matter if you are gay or kinky or gay & kinky, my hope is that one day all of us will just come out of the closet. I … Continue reading

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