I started this in November, and I am just amazed at how it’s taken off. 

I just shared a link on my FB page and Twitter account for those I talk to online, and the next thing I know it’s Good Morning Vietnam, yes there are readers in Vietnam.

It was when I got my first reader in Malaysia that it dawned on me that Vizionz could be more than just the insane ramblings of a bottom bitch, it could be powerful and a platform.

Since November a few thousand of you have stopped by to read about sex, Bonnie & Clyde, and spreader bars.  It’s actually altered the content of the site.

I realized I could not just toss out my mental extras the way I typically would and I thank you for that.

In the upcoming weeks I will finish out my 30 letters.  I know it is past the 30 day mark, but I noticed that it got harder and harder because they got more personal.  More personal than a fist in my girlie parts?  Yes.

Writing here also got me back into the habit of reading others.  Some of the blogs that I enjoy the most are off to the left, and the list will change, and sometimes it will grow.  What I love about those blogs are sometimes the people, but mostly it is a slice of life that we don’t often get to see  living within our own little boxes. 

One of the questions that I have gotten in my email is:  You are not listed on THEIR blogs why do you bother to list them.  My response is:  I like to read and comment and participate so I thought that I would share.  I never asked Feminista, or Lola, or Bassey for a link on their blogs.  I may not ever.  Vizionz is a way for me to share who I am and what I enjoy, without necessarily getting something back for it.

Another question I have gotten is am I making money off the advertising?  The answer is yes.  No I do not have the online circulation of the Huffington Post, but there is a payout for those ads over there to the right.  At my current levels I won’t be able to move in next door to Celine Dion, but I may be able to buy a pack of cigarettes.

Question: What is Vizionz all about?  You are kind of jumping all over the place.  Vizionz is about Nicole.  If you know me, you know that yes I just this complex.  At the heart of it all is how I live my lifestyle of BDSM & slavery, but everything else is just as relevant to the whole of me as my kink.  That is the purpose to give the whole of me.

Question:  HIM

This is a tricky topic for me.  I am limited in the information that I *CAN* share, and also limited in the information that I want to share.  I learned after living my last relationship before this in real time and in technicolor on Fetlife that it is okay to keep things closer to the vest.  When someone takes up this much space in your life though it can be difficult to write around them.

I always felt that I could connect best with my readers by giving them the real deal Holyfield, but the daily rundown of activities is not something that I can share here.

I try to combat that by describing MY portion of the journey, and time will tell if that is enough and if I will be successful with it.

Master is important to me.  My service to him and my relationship with him is important to me.  It is because of his value that I don’t want to ‘market’ him.

Question: Are you just as freaky as you say you are?  *smile*

If you have to ask you are not ready to handle it – but I  like to teach sometimes, I like to conquer more.

What is my vizion for Vizionz?

I told a friend, this will at some point be a franchise. Sure there are others out there doing similar things, but they are not me.  My story is unique, my outlook is unique, my path is unique, and my reactions are unique.

Fiction & non fiction books, HBO series, major motion pictures.  No I won’t go on Oprah.  Her show is over this season anyhow, and I’ve been on Oprah….swore I would never go back again.

Even if those things never come to pass (HA!!! AS IF!!!!) my vizion is that I can touch someone else.  One person reached is enough for me – I won’t mind though if I reach more than one…and I am.

When is the sex coming back I was asked… never left…but in the next couple weeks I have squirting, orgasms, and anal sex on the menu for your digestion.

Come back and check it out, and tell 2 friends.

In the meantime I will keep you posted on the days and nights of the bottom bytch. 

About Aphrodite Brown

Aphrodite Brown is the owner and creator of Vizionz from the Bottom. Vizionz is a life and culture blog covering all aspects of life from pop culture, to politics, to parenting, with an extra heavy dose of alternative lifestyle & sex positive living.
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