It’s a Small World

I am sitting here thinking of connections, how in 2011 in a world where there used to be 6 degrees of separation between folks, with the Internet it is more like 4.

I am thinking of connections because the Knights version of the Facebook page keeps suggesting that I may know someone. 

The Knights page is only connected to this blog, and I occasionally play Farmville there.  (don’t judge me I am addicted)  I don’t have any kinky or non kinky friends on the Knights page.  All of the people who are attached to the Knights page were people looking for app friends.  Not a soul is connected to me in my actual life.  Not ONE.   Yet, FB keeps telling me that….you may know THIS person.

I do know the person, very well.  They have no idea how well, but then again most people do not.  I listen.

I don’t pretend to be psychic, although a certain person thinks that I am.  I do know that I have empathic qualities, even if I am no Deana Troi. Mostly though, I listen.  I have an understanding of how people work, and how emotions affect people, and it’s always been that way with me.  It has both its good and bad moments.

Understanding how people think, and feel and process, doesn’t help me relate…I rarely relate.  I don’t react the way the “average” person does to most things.  It can help me manipulate though, and I have been known to do THAT.  It can help me anticipate, and that works in my favor. 

You may know THIS person.

Yes, FB, yes I do.

I look back at my interactions with this person and I saw most of this coming, and if I am being honest I saw something else coming too.  I peek in from time to time, in part out of paranoia, in part because I am curious, in part because I care.  As I watch from this distance, I have an answer to the question, but I also know it is not to be given from me.  That is not simple to digest, but this whole thing is not simple to digest.

You may know this person.

Yes I do, and I wish that I did not.  I wish that I did not because of what lay ahead.  Do I give myself too much credit?  Everyday of the fucking week, but that doesn’t make me wrong.  I would like to be wrong sometimes, I really would. 

Someone that I know has not had a surprise since Moses came off the mount with the 10 Commandments.  Like me he has gotten used to being able to read people, understand and act.  He could be surprised about this though…because this latest turn of events actually caught me slightly off guard. 

For the next 6 weeks or so I will just pay closer attention, so that I will know exactly when it happens.  I won’t say that I told you so, at least not out loud, scout’s honor.

You may know this person…..but they do not know me.  That is the advantage that I have, and I will use it wisely.

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