Lessons Learned

I have only come here seeking knowledge…things they would not teach me of in college.

I have always enjoyed Sting’s voice, and the music of the Police even if I now realize they are a little er um crazy.

I learn something new every day.  One day I learned that you can have exactly what you want, so be sure that you want it.

It’s been a very busy week for me, lots of things going on here on the homestead, Bonnie & Clyde with all kinds of appointments, me with all kinds of appointments.

I had two biopsies on Wednesday.  Uterine & cervical.

Neither are comfortable but I take my health seriously, a lot more now that I used to.

I used to just say let it be like the Beatles, and while there is still some of that left in me?  I have the understanding that people rise and fall based on what I deliver.  I am too important.

I go to see my GYN every 3 months.

There is a reason for that.

A couple years back, I had an abnormal PAP smear.

I’d never had an abnormal one, and they told me all of the reasons why it could be abnormal.

At the end of the day they told me that I had HPV.  I wanted to strangle a certain person then, because he was the only person that I’d been with for about 2 years, and even though he always strapped up I still thought this motherfucker!

The thing about HPV is that I could have been exposed to it as early as 9 when I was raped, or it could be from any of the number that I will never give, of partners that I have had.  Once you are exposed it kind of just hangs around in your body.  Some people never have an ‘active’ moment even though they have been exposed to it.  For me, for any number of reasons mine woke up and said hello!

It’s a virus…it has basically no symptoms….your body will get rid of it on its own if your immune system has not been compromised.

I go every three months, and get more PAP smears than most women because there are about 40 strains of HPV known to medicine, I have no idea what I have been exposed to so I go to see if my old friend HPV is talking or not.

They can do a DNA test of cells from your cervix to see if your HPV  is the type that causes cancer, and that is about all they can do.

I had the type that cause cancer. My treatment for my condition was relatively  fast and painless….and I go all of the time to make sure that I stay healthy.

As I investigate if I should be taking out my uterus now, I think about the ‘opportunity’ that I had to do this about a year ago.  I wasn’t ready then.  Some would argue with me but I was not ready to remove the one thing that makes me a woman.  I may still not be ready, but it may still be time for me to do that.

I’ve got to stick around for Bonnie & Clyde.

For 12 months now, 4 visits there has been no HPV active in my system.  I am pretty happy about that.

I learn something new every day.

Today I learned that I can still smile.  Even through the tears if I have to, because sometimes the tears are not rational.

Today if you click the link you can learn about HPV.

We will have to talk about the uterine biposy and the reasons behind it another time….I’m spent for the night.

Yes constant reader I still owe you a story and it’s coming.

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