The Social Experiment

The Revolution will not be televised…it will be typed

I do not pretend to be a marketing genius, nor one who could sit at her MAC and reinvent the wheel.  That is for others with broader Vizion than me.

I do understand, on at least some level, the mentality of a society that no longer values interpersonal communication, and has allowed Twitter & Facebook to be the voice of a new generation.

I find it a bit strange that a 38 year old is talking about the new generation, but then again, you have never met anyone like me.

I was a slow walker to the technical world.  One  year at the Greek Picnic … yeah Google it … I met a really cool guy… email me he said.  Sure I said!  Mind you back then I had an AOL email address, and my home page was  Yes dinosaurs do exist, and they call her bottom bytch.  So he asked – and I am not sure how or why – how often did I check my email?  Oh once or twice a week I said.

_____________ (flatline)

In 2011, someone checking their email once or twice a week is pretty much unheard of.  In 2011 we are checking once or twice an HOUR, IF that since iPhones & Blackberries allow your email to travel with you.

I did not see the need for it then. 

A funny thing happened though, I started watching American Idol.

It was the second season, and there was a stunning woman with a very big voice that became enthralled with on the show:

Kimberley Locke  – Audition Version

That woman & that voice!

I knew that ^^^^^ could look like:

Kimberley Locke – After the show

that ^^^^^^^^^ and the girl can sing.  Sing her beautiful arse off!

Anyway….I watched the show and wanted to find other people, who like me, enjoyed watching and listening to Kim.

My search took me to the MSN message boards (remember those?)  and an American Idol board.

It was there that I became a part of the K-Lo Nation  and the rest as they say is history.

That one MSN board spawned numerous other MSN boards…because well the owner of that old board was an insane creature by the name of Lavendar.

I got to meet some really great people from all across the country – we started off with our love of Kim’s voice in common and realized that we had lots and lots else in common.  They are people that I can actually call friends and actually say that I love, even if I rarely get to see them.

We have laughed and cried and shared so much over the years we are like one another’s families.   Some left our internet family, some died (RIP Sher), but lots of us are still around.  Some came to the group as kids – 14 15 year olds.  They are now in college *sigh*

My foray into MSN started my online presence.  I visited because of my internet family.

Eventually I gravitated away from AOL and Iwon, and moved onto things like hotmail and Black Planet.  I never totally lost those connections though, and they eventually brought me to Facebook.

I only joined FB because Seaguy was there.  Seriously.  I had no time, not inclination, to hang out on FB….why?  I was a grown assed woman.  heh heh heh

Seaguy, turned into, Tizz, turned into Redhead, turned into Shimmy, and all my internet friends were suddenly my FB friends.

But FB was still stupid I though….I am gonna go hang out on MySpace. *blink*

Exactly – it’s how you can tell how old I am that I thought MySpace was cooler than FB.

My time @ MySpace, is how I first met Newark.

I ran across his MySpace page and went into hunting mode.  Newark in turn led me to Fetlife and my online presence grew.

The funny thing about that online presence?  It translated into real time connections.

There are some who connect and communicate online only….that has never been my personal style.  With the exception of my ‘internet’ friends who live in other states, I make it a point to know people in real time not just online.

My internet connections opened up worlds that I would never have found just walking the streets of Philadelphia.

For me?  The social experiment is/was a success.  I see Vizionz as an extension of that success, and I also see where she can go.

The sky is the limit and we have only just begun.

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