The midget Dominant

My child has Autism.  My child is essentially non verbal.  My child is making a mockery of his momma.

You will come to know him as Clyde….but his nickname on Fetlife is the midget Dominant.

He acquired the name because he is of the mind that he is the man of the house and that what he says should be the law….end of story case closed…no debate is needed.

We assume our stereotypical gender roles early these days.

Example #1 of his Dominance…his meals.  The boy will not eat anything that has not been cooked.  Unless it is cheese twists.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, must have heat put to it.  I once overslept and tried to give the boy a bowl of cheerios for breakfast before school.  He looked at me as if the crack pipe was still hanging from my lips and walked to the fridge and pulled out the eggs.  Ahem…he doesn’t eat eggs.  Try to give him oatmeal two days in a row and you may not have a kneecap to walk on.  Peanut butter & jelly sand for lunch?  Ummmmmm NO.   I must cook at a minimum of 3 times per day or he will not eat. 

Example #2 of his Dominance…..his routine.  Being a child on the spectrum means that routine is important to him.  Variations from his routine tend to make things a little hectic in this house.  His way of dealing with the breaks in his routine …. growl.  Not just a grunt or an ooopmh, but a low throat growl that tells you ….. da fuck you mean things done switched?

Example #3 of his Dominance…. his swagger.  He knows that he is a handsome young man (no I am not just biased he IS handsome) He understands that his smile can melt just about anyone.  He is a skilled hunter who knows how to rope in his prey through either sugar or force and when which one is needed.  Tell me again he is not my child?  He knows exactly how to get what he wants and needs without having to utter a word. 

Oh he HAS WORDS.  He doesn’t talk much but he has words.  Tell him that it is his bedtime you will hear I don’t want to.  Tell him that he is going to bed at 8:30 and it’s 8:22 and he is still eating his dinner?  The boy will chew everything 88 times before he swallows with a sip of water in between.  Let him jack something up here in the house making mommy have to use his entire government name?  You will get an I love you mommy! 

The boy knows what he is doing.

Just the other night he did something or the other, I chastised him, he growled and I said COME HERE…his response?  Uh oh?

Oh yeah he understands.

As long as the midget Dominant is around, I don’t need a man, I am totally in service.  He has me wrapped around his little finger.

Gotta go to bed now though….I have breakfast to cook in the morning.

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