Please Leave Your Message @ the Sound of the Tone

I was tempted to put you’re just to see who is paying attention 😉

By now we have figured out that I am a highly sexual creature.  I would not call my self over sexed – I would not even say I was hyper sexual.  I just like sex, and sex in the  manner I like it – kinky.

Narcissistic me wants to tell you how great I am at certain activities.

This blog though is about something that I don’t think I am very good at:

Phone Sex.

Dirty text message?

No problem.  My running joke is that AT&T was not running slow because of the power of the iPhone, rather it is masturbating to the messages that I am sending (and getting) from folks that use the iPhone.

Talk dirty while we are getting dirty?

I’ve been known to say things that would make Jada Fire blush.

Phone sex WITH someone…I can get there I can get into it I actually kind of like it…I am just dirty like that.

Leaving you a detailed voicemail message of me masturbating……

WhitneyHouston there is a problem.

Now I like masturbating.

I enjoy people watching me masturbate (sometimes)

I can call WHEN I am cumming and let you hear that…

it’s the build up that I have issues with.

I turn into that awkward little girl who has no idea what she is supposed to be saying – even though I know what will get you off.

The disconnect for me is trying to allow you to listen to what I do to get there.

If there is such a thing, if I am alone in the room?  I am a silent masturbator.  Even if you are in the room, unless you are cheering me on? I am still mostly silent.

Masturbation for me is mental.

It’s all in my head, until it leaks out onto the bed (I am a female ejaculator so more often than not there is a puddle)

I will envision our last time together, or our hottest time together, or a story floating in my head, or any number of things….but again they are in my head.

The other issue I have is that my diddle fantasies tend to lean towards me in an Alpha position, and well how do I put this?  I see myself as the man doing the penetrating.
I flip flop between being the man (although oddly enough I never masturbate to me using my strap on) and me being on the receiving end of the man.

It is difficult to translate so that it makes sense, but then again my brain is difficult at times.

If I could DVR what is in my head, you would think it was hot – but I have no way of saying it out loud into a voicemail and still getting off.

If you are not there on the other end of the phone ‘cheering’ me on – get distracted by the sound of my own voice – I get distracted that what I am saying is not sexy enough – and rather than focusing on my orgasm I get unsexy trying to be sexy.

It is kind of a matter of just do it like Nike – sort of.

I can tell you what will get me off – but for certain people there are things that I do because it gets them off.

The power in the conquer of ripping an orgasm from them, even when they don’t want to will get me off.

To do that I need feedback.  I need skin color – skin temperature – breathing – moaning – I need to SEE you or at the very least HEAR you.

Without it I am Lil Kim doing a concert @ Oral Roberts U.  There is no reaction from the audience so I don’t know if I am killing it or not.

Which is why the leave me a nasty message thing doesn’t really work for me.

I have to adjust that – I will adjust that – but in the meantime?

Major Performance Anxiety.

no bueno 🙁

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