Seventeen Singles

I’ve been doing the letter writing campaign – but I thought that I would toss in a little something extra. 

My mother and my son are apparently strippers – and I am apparently a bad manager because neither one has given me a cut of their earnings.

On most days after school, the boy and I walk over to the bodega for ONE of his afternoon snacks.  This past Thursday was routine.

On the way back the boy did as he normally does and raced up the street to the house first. Well he is faster than I am what can I say?

As I ascended the steps I noticed something odd.  My child was stuffing money in his pockets.  Now I had not given him any money – he did not stop along the walk to pick up money – yet he was stuffing money in his pocket.


When we are back inside the house I go into  his pocket – I count 17 one dollar bills.

The therapist has no explanation – the school has no explanation – the boy growls @ me when I ask.

So I reached the conclusion that the boy is giving lap dances during recess.  Logical right?
Almost as logical as watching your 74 year old mother drop it like it’s hot to B.O.B by Outkast

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