Day 7 – An ex

Despite my number being as high as it is I have FEW exes that I can refer to.

I guess I will dedicate this one to Reginald.

The first time that I tried to leave it was painful.  Not that I could not live without you, obviously I can.  It hurt because I did not want to admit that you were a mistake.

I wanted to think that I’d gotten beyond the point of keeping people around because of how they made me feel – but I have not.

 I will never forget how you rescued me that August night 2 years ago…but I stayed too long for that rescue.

You were never the one – even though for quite sometime I told myself you were.

It became apparent early on that what I needed you could not provide – at least not in the manner that I needed.

I send you an apology for wasting both of our time.

I remained because it is who I am – you allowed me to remain out of your greed.

I hope that you eventually find your third….even though you will never find another me.

Your search is futile because no one else can do what I do – no matter how much you tell yourself that what I did was nothing special.  You never did put in the time to learn how to handle me – even though I put in the time to learn what you needed.

That was a shame.

Your fears about the former – were correct in many ways but what you never realized?  I could have danced forever the way I danced with you – if you had not chosen Eleanor over me.

That kind of betrayal is not something that I can over look ever.

She’s still a skank she’s still a liar and your embrace of her shows me that I got out while the getting was good.

I am grateful for that.

When the book is done?  Your section will be about how someone who could have had the world tossed it away because he refused to see what was in front of him.

I will get Forrest Whitaker to play you in the movie.

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