Day Six – A Stranger

I chanted for you tonight.

There was just something so disturbing about your presence today that I felt the need to send you some positive energy.

Mind you – the old me saw you first, and the old me was what you witnessed mostly – but the me I am working to become chanted for you tonight.  A little for myself too, but also for you.

Every time we ran across one another in an aisle, you looked like you were  just angry at the world for rotating.

I tried to smile the first few times and when you were unresponsive I basically said fuck it and continued to shop.

Then you got behind me in the check out line.

You could have gone to three or four other lines….it was not that crowded tonight.

But you came behind me.

Then you started with the sucking of the teeth and the infringing on my space, and that is when I reverted back to who I used to be.

That is when I suggested to you that if my full cart was such an issue that you should choose another line.

You remained.

The more you got annoyed that it was taking so long for me to unload the cart the slower I got.

Yes I am a bitch – but I know that already.

When you tried to move my cart before I wanted it moved – yes that was the bitch that said: put your hands on my cart again and there will be a problem.  You saw I had a shit load of groceries and you got behind me anyway.  If you are in a rush that is not my problem.  I am not going to move faster because you think that I should. 

Yes I took extra time to load the bags, but that wasn’t JUST because I wanted to fuck with you.  Mind you I DID, but for whatever reason the groceries that fit in the cart when you are shopping never fit again while you are bagging.

Yes I pushed the cart back into you on purpose.  You know because it hurt.  I meant it to.  If I thought I would not have gotten arrested I would have slapped you.  I told you not to touch my cart.

As the boy & I waited for the gypsy cab, you came out. 

You still had that angry with the world look on your face. 

 It was then that it dawned on me – perhaps no one has done a kind thing for you all week and the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

So it was then that I began to chant for you. 

Not all that long – about 4 minutes – because the cab came.  But I still wished you a better night than your day had been.

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