Day Two – To My Crush

Sometimes I feel like my ass is too damned old to be having crushes….but then again I am too old for most of the shit that I do.

I wasn’t totally SURE that I had a crush actually until today.

Of course I had to go and ruin it and tell you about the police officer story….but it was cute while it lasted.

I am happy that I caught your attention…and yes I know that I am flirting with you. 

Yes I know that I belong to someone else but it doesn’t stop my mind from wandering from time to time.

Sometimes a girl needs that….some would say that she should not…but as you know by now…I am not like most women.

It is not often that I get the opportunity to just be who I am – typically I have to think 17 steps ahead to see what you REALLY want so I can decide if that is what I want to and how to get it.  Frankly?  That is exhausting!

You get my corny jokes, and the conversations are pretty seamless.

I appreciate your sense of humor, your intelligence, your appearance of calm even if I am positive that there is a storm underneath.

I could totally see myself dating you…and I totally understand why that is the worst idea ever.  Well maybe not the worst…but as I have said before Danger Will Robinson.

I really want to find a girl for you…hoping that it will kill my instincts…and hoping that she understands I still want fun time with you…yet in a selfish kind of way I don’t want to see you paired off until I get to poke and prod further into your head.

Leave me alone I am a girl we are supposed to be irrational.

I will stop now…I think it is best.

We are @ a good place right now…and anything that I may say – ummm besides my story – could ruin that.  Then I would have to find someone else to take my confession

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