Day One – To My Best Friend

My 2nd go round on Twitter is quite the experience.  I think I finally get why people Tweet…even if people do not always get my Tweets.

In my Twitter travels I ran across a brilliant young woman – Bassey.  Never met her…may not ever…but I must say that I enjoy reading her.

She mentioned something called the letter writing challenge….I am sure that I just screwed up the name of it…but she has it mentioned on her blog which should  be listed to the right >>>>>>>

I am a day late in starting…but I don’t have to be a day late in finishing…a letter to my best friend:

I did not know when I first saw you that you would be my best friend.  I know that I told you the ‘details’ but I don’t know that it = the ‘truth’.

I was intimidated by you.  I don’t get intimidated by women any longer…but as you know sis I am not the same girl you met all that long ago.

Before I go on….do EITHER of us know what ever happened to Warren? *shrug*

No matter….you are still here and I am still here.

Imagine my shock & awe that I didn’t have to pretend to like you, but that I actually did like you.

We’ve been through a lot in the past decade – ish….even jail and I can not think of anyone else that I could have done it with.

That is most likely why my momma don’t like you 😉 <inside joke>

If I could tell you anything it would be that I need you to love yourself more.  Your situation stems directly from that and it will only be fixed when you do that.  If you want the details?  You have the number….that is not an Internet conversation.

If I could thank you for anything…it would be to thank you for getting arrested with me and for being there well just there.  I don’t share everything with you…but you have been there through a lot.  I know that there is much about me that makes you go what the fuck…but that you accept me through it all is something that well I can not put a price tag on.

I would also thank you for helping me accept me, because you did.  

If you can remember allllllll the way back then with your AARP card holding ass, I wasn’t like THIS.

Even though I know there are times (leopard bikini) when you sometimes wish (Odunde camouflage dress) that I was still in my flannel & combat boots….you just shrugged and said well that’s Nikki no matter what.

That type of acceptance allowed me to grow into who I needed to be – allowed me to flourish – and without that I couldn’t take care of Bonnie & Clyde.  You are more instrumental than you thought.

You are more powerful than you know.

You gave me some street cred – ummmmm which I needed desperately – and still allowed me to be the geek that I am.

We’ve got a lot of years ahead of us…and I will close out with ride or die.  Fo Real.

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