And I Call It – Satan

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Perhaps I should not – but I know of no other name that is appropriate.

I alternate between proposing marriage to Mr Hitachi & “accidentally” allowing him to fall into a tub of water. 

Today it is a marriage proposal, make sure there is life insurance, and then the toss into the bathwater.

Kind of like a relationship.


I can’t give specifics of my sex life, for a variety of reasons, but I can talk about orgasms.

I don’t think that women have enough of them.

We are held back by society telling us what ‘good girls’ do and don’t do.
We are held back by the tenants of a religion that tells us we are going to hell for cumming.
We are held back by men who want a freak in the bedroom, but a lady at the dinner table (even though we were just fucking on that table 2 hours ago)
We are held back by work, and school, and kids.

Women find more reasons not to orgasm, than we find ways to orgasm.

Stop it.

Yes it’s a cute saying/phrase to go:  A woman can have a wholly satisfying sexual experience without  having an orgasm.

Blow the whistle – 15 yard penalty – repeat the down.

Ummmmm What? No


Hell no

Fuck No

moonwalk and try that shit over

You should be cumming.

Not once, not twice, but 40-50 times, to the point your uterus won’t stop convulsing and your body temperature drops 6 degrees.

You should be unable to continue to speak your native tongue, and standing should be out of the question for 40 minutes.

And that is just for a quickie ladies, for those moments when you have the time and privacy you should multiply all ^^^^^ that by 25.

In some countries the clitoris of the woman is removed….god bless the USA this ain’t one of them.

Ladies why is your orgasm NOT that important to you?  How can I help you find Waldo and keep him?


I had my first consentual sexual encounter when I was 18 with my then boyfriend.  After that relationship ended I had lots of sex – with only a handful of partners, and without not one orgasm.  Not one.

I would use a massager, or masturbate, but never got there.  I came very close on multiple occasions, but I never hit the peak.

Then I started dating my ex.

Our first encounters were awkward, and not all that great to tell the truth.

I will NEVER forget the sight of him that first time in that horrific turquoise thong.  Nor will I forget the pile of giggles I melted into staring at that horrific turquoise thong.

I didn’t have an orgasm those first few occasions, but he made me WANT to cum.

My orgasm was important to him, and I felt like I was denying HIM pleasure by not giving him that reward.

Of course the other guy I was seeing then too SAID that – but for my ex I wanted to give him that.

So my sexual encounters shifted from getting HIM off to getting ME off.

It didn’t happen over night…there was lots of ‘practicing’.

from an email sent in 2006:

Did you know that I had to teach myself to cum?  Well sure  you did.  Most women do, but this was different.  I’d been having sex for years and seemingly enjoying myself.

Sure it felt……good.  But then again what did I have to compare it to?  I spent a significant amount of time running from them to tell the truth.  My orgasms that is, not my partners, they were easy.
It’s like anything else I suppose you need to learn it.  For me it was one night out of the blue.  It was in the middle of the night I lay there frustrated.  I can not remember if I was seeing anyone at the time but it was one of those nights.  I could not sleep.  I lay there with my little mini vibe I’d been fucking myself with forever.  I used to go insane trying to shove that damn thing all the way in my pussy and feeling it  get almost there but not quite.  Laying there at night in the dark with my feet flat on the bed, and my thighs and ass raised shoving this thing in and out and creating  rhythm only to be more frustrated at the end because that orgasm that Cosmo told me I should be having would not appear.
That night as I was quitting, I accidentally brushed it up against my clit.  You see it was still on when I’d pulled it out and it touched my clit which was sensitive after all that foreplay.  It felt good so I put it back.  To anyone watching it should have been funny me laying there looking for waldo.  It was a pleasurable experience to say the least. Then as my orgasm built and I was scared to death.  I didn’t know exactly what was happening.  It felt good but I stopped.  Just seconds from coming.  It felt nasty like I was doing something I shouldn’t be.  Like I would get caught or go blind or any of those other taboos that our parents tell us to keep us from wanting sex.  I snatched my vibe away, and put it under the pillow.

I kid you not.  Just out quit on me.  But my body still rode the wave of my orgasm and the light bulb went off.  THATS WHAT THEY MEANT!

Once I got that first one in…the rest as they say is history.

I realized what I’d been depriving myself of and went on an epic journey to make up for all of the ones that I missed.

These days if I am not cumming, well that doesn’t happen any longer.

I may no longer have HOURS AND HOURS to devote to the cause as I used to, but I cum.  Early and often.

Part of it is that I know my body, I love my body, I love what my body does, and I love the feel of my body after it’s been pushed to it’s limits.

How can I help you like yours just as much ladies?  Seriously.

Even on Fetlife, I am running across women who say…well I don’t like to cum.


We are on a KINKY website and you are telling me that you don’t enjoy your orgasm.


What in the sam hell is the world coming to?

I have a feeling that this is going to be a recurring theme here @ Vizionz……the elusive and not sought after female orgasm.

Hopefully after a few months of reading, those of you holding back and holding out will consider a different way to operate.  Not enough of you are cumming….I need to figure out how to alter that.

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