Yes, I went there

I dislike spending a great amount of time doing a verbal sparring match with people below my level.

So I will rant here and keep it moving.

I have 4 words that I wish to say:


I don’t really give a shit where the trend started, why it started, what it means, what people think it means, why people still do it, that men & women do it, that it doesn’t mean anything, that I should not care.

Fuck all of that!


Seriously.  You look stupid.  Your underwear is dirty.  You can’t walk correctly.  You can not get to the items you put in your pockets because your pockets are now around your ankles. It is not cool.  You do not get cred for doing it.   Pull your pants up.

If your waist is a 38, stop buying your clothes in a 48 and belting your hips.  Just stop it.  Grow up and dress like one.

Don’t give me the line that what you do on your own time is your business because it is not.  I can see your sagging pants.  You go to the store like that – you pump gas like that – some of you even go to your $7.25/hr job like that.  Stop it.

In a ‘polite’ society, you do not walk around with your ass hanging above the waistband of your pants.  If you want to walk around with your ass out?  Buy some chaps and keep it moving, in the meantime pull your pants up.

Judgmental much?  Yes I am.  And so is the rest of the world outside of your little circle of pants saggers.

Yes I am judging you, just like I judge the motherfucker with the gold fronts who tells me to holla @ him as soon as his baby momma puts some minutes on his Boost Mobile.  *blink*

Real people with real power also judge you.

There is a segment of this society that will never accept sagging pants.

No I am not old fashioned, (well not about this), not I am not being a prude.  I have moved in those circles, with those who OWN in the Hamptons, not just visit or rent for a week.  I’ve sat at the same table with the POTUS and Senators, and more importantly with those who WRITE THE CHECKS for ‘dem folk.

You can thumb your nose @ THAT segment of the population all you want, but tell me something….

S. Carter doesn’t sag?  No?  Did he used to? Oh?
Russell Simmons?
Barak Obama?
Michael Jordan?
Magic Johnson?
Bill Gates?

The difference?

They have SEEN the illuminati that YOU think is a joke…that YOU think is an urban legend, that YOU think won’t be running shit in 40 years.

Yeah okay.

The people in power know those who are like them, and shut everyone else the fuck out?  Want a glimpse?  Just a peek?  Pull your pants up.

Fuck them?  Really?  Yeah okay…..sounds cute until you need a mortgage doesn’t it?

You can rah rah rah all that it shouldn’t matter how I dress bullshit >>>>>>>>  that way >>>>>>>>>>  it does.  Period.

Pull your pants up and get a clue.

And listen to the general while you are at it:

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