Lots of my readers knew me when I was completely single..not almost single like now.

I stayed that way for a long time.

Steve Harvey thinks that women should think like men, but then again Steve Harvey is an idiot.  While I am briefly on the Harvey topic …. if you have bought one of  his books?or buy into his specific brand of bullshit?  Imma need you to go segway off a cliff >>>>>> that way please.

I’ve been told by some of my best friends that I think like a man.  I don’t want any of you to segway off a cliff, but I have to disagree that I think like a man.

I think like a woman who knows what she wants, knows who she is, and takes no bullshit.

I think like a woman who understands her needs and works to get them met in their various forms.  I need food, I figure out how to eat.  I need water, I brew some coffee.  I need an orgasm I ….. you get the point.

As I was saying I stayed single for quite some time.  I have spent the better part of my adult life single.  I have dated – I have fucked – I have served – but most of my formative adult years have been in single mode.

I do not mind being single…unlike some of my readers I can have a life that does not include a man.  This is not to say that their choices are wrong for THEM – but I don’t HAVE to live that way.  Mind you the judgmental bitch in me wants to tell them they are wrong, but with friendship comes the understanding that you do not toss the baby with the bathwater.

The thing about being single for so long, and then seeking a power exchange dynamic, it fucks with your sense of balance.  I am a Libra balance is important to me.  I have pretty much been in chaos since Daddy came home.

The Nicole that it takes to be single is 180 degrees away from the Nicole that it takes to be his bottom bitch.  The thought process is opposite, the actions and reactions are opposite.

For example:  A friend called me today to ask how Stella could get her groove back.  Single Nicole listened. saw where this friend fucked up, asked her what she wanted, and was prepared to explain just how she could get it.  Single Nicole knows shit.   Single Nicole reads people, understands men, understands manipulation and also understands that there is no one out there on the planet…if they like women, that she could not pull.  Not a one.

bottom bitch reminded herself that all the good advice Nicole was dispensing need not make an appearance.  it would be failure in an epic sense.

There have been folk who have asked, why come Nicole is like that?  Well its how Nicole developed to exist in the world.    I know…because I know.  Some of it is instinct, some of it is natural, everything else has been developed over a very long period of time.

You learn how to do something that ‘works’ and you excel at it.  The thing is it doesn’t work – not in the traditional sense for me.

If the lion is the king of the jungle the lioness is just as fierce.  I am the lioness and therefore have no known predator.  I will kneel to one and take my place on his left with glee…but no other animal out there can take me…not in a traditional sense.

Nicole is the lioness…bottom bitch is something a lil bit different.

Most people who have met me have met Nicole.  They like her.  They admire her.  They give her high 5s.  Very few have met bottom bitch.

Being single is always a struggle for power…even if we would like it to not be.

I am the most powerful woman that I know.

Being the bottom bitch is a release of that struggle.

I will get a little more into this later…power….stay tuned…I think  it will be something to talk about

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