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United States – Canada – Malaysia – United Kingdom – Saudi Arabia – South Africa –  Italy – Croatia – Germany


I have readers for Vizionz from each of these countries….thank you blogspot for the info.  I am kind of amazed actually.

I didn’t necessarily intend to go ‘global’ …. I just needed a place away from my typical locations to toss out the stuff that runs in my head so that it doesn’t creep into other parts of my life.

Fetlife needed to not be it because at some point I am going to want to say something about Daddy and it’s been made clear that the first rule of being the bottom bitch is that you don’t talk about being the bottom bitch on Fetlife.  (the reasons behind that are a plenty and 2 months later….well it makes more sense than it did then…even if it is the less desirable choice) Live Journal didn’t hold the same appeal because that was Reginald’s creation.

Facebook?  I may be ‘out’ but there are still kids floating about Facebook….some of what I needed to say was too gritty for FB.

When I launched Vizionz…me being the absolute attention whore that I was, I realized … ummmm if no one reads this… I am talking to myself.  That would make me crazy.  Mind you…I am a lil crazy but not THAT kind of crazy  (at least I don’t think that I am)

So I launched in November and created a link and used it as a FB status.

I chose FB because there were fewer kinky folk there, and it was also a ‘test’ for something else I have been bouncing around in my head for a minute.  If it got ‘received’ on FB it meant that my idea may have legs, and I may be going to Paramount…if Paramount still exists in 3 years.  I also did it not long after FINALLY seeing Sex & the City:2  – yes revoke my gay card I did not see it in theaters.

A whole bunch of things clicked and I hit send.

Now my FB people are a stew of long time friends, co-workers, kinky folk, & Farmville folk.  This was not the ‘target’ audience that I was  used to on Fet.

I can say watersports on Fet and just about everyone knows what I mean.  I say watersports on FB, and people start yelling Marco/Polo.

FB would be gauge as to if my message could be heard by someone who had no clue what a flogger was, or total power exchange.

So far so good….I don’t appear to  have lost any FB friends…and Vizionz is growing.

I have a series of stories I want to tell….erotica that I want to share…and I also want to incorporate other aspects of Nicole – not just the sex.  My Bonnie & Clyde stories alone should land the book deal, and the ghost writer with more free time than I to finish it.

As 2010 approaches El Fin…I can finally say that I am on the path that will do what so many of you have been telling me to do for eons now…writing the book.

I look back to 365 days ago and I did not think that I would be here.  Honestly.

Teff & the girls were still here…although things had broken down seriously by then.  I’d only been unemployed for a couple months then not over a year, I had not reconnected with Daddy & the Eagles did not have Michael Vick as a starter.

*side note – as the playoffs approach you will be getting more football references and at some point a lecture about the Eagles season and why we should fire Andy Reid.*

One year ago I was still in love with Reginald but having a horrific time dealing with the distance between us, and knowing that he was not who I needed but being too obstinate to admit it and cut loose.

I was 30 pounds heavier.

As I type this now….waaaaaaaaaaay past my bedtime:

I am in a fairly good place with endless possibilities.

I need your help though constant reader…frequent reader….or reader of occasion which ever you are.

I need feedback.  I need word of mouth.  I need participation.

Other than asking everyone on my friends list I have no way of knowing who is and who is not reading Vizionz.  I know where you are reading from….and that an obscene amount of you are still using Windows. *growl*

I need you to say  Hey Nicole can we have more fisting and less baking.

I need you to tell 2 friends.  Like the commercial…if you tell two friends they’ll tell two friends and so  on…..

I need your help….will you take the ride with me reader?

Right now we are technically global….with your help?  We can be a franchise.

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