What is Sexy?

In about 24 hours I will be returning home after having my back tore out…that is sexy.  If you do not know the term…having your back tore out?  I need you to do some upgrading in your life.  This could be a good place to start.

In my kinky travels I have run across a kinky sister: Feminista Jones.  She writes a blog that I love it’s called: KnobSlobbingFeminism.


I endorse this blog, not just because it encourages one of my favorite things, but because it is a method to speak to those of us who are not as sexually liberal as we COULD be.

I have a friend, I will call her Lynda.  Lynda has NEVER had a dick in her mouth.  Never.  *blink*  Lynda was also single for almost a decade.  Coincidence?  Perhaps.  *blink*

Now my kinky sister Feminista writes MUCH better than I do and she has the technology to vlog some of her stuff.  She is very much worth the time and effort.

For my readers here?  I can only say, get your head out of the clouds and into the gutter.

I am amazed at how ‘frigid’ many of the people that I meet actually are.  Even in my kinky universe.

This will come as a shock to many but I did not have my first orgasm until I was 24.  I’d been sexing since 18 regularly but my orgasm eluded me.  Perhaps that is why my tastes developed as they have, I am trying to get back all of the orgasms that I faked from 18-24.

At 24 I was pretty liberal with WHO I slept with, but not as liberal as HOW I did it.  Then I met HIM and the roof came off.

By 30 I knew what and how I wanted it and have never settled for less since.

Just maybe it was not having satisfying sex that refuses to allow me to settle for so so sex now, but I really need my readers to know – missionary church sex is NOT what is hot in the streets these days.

I do not expect everyone to pick up a flogger –  or piss on your partner – but I really do need some of you to free your minds.

I run into many sexually frustrated women out there, and my question is always WHY????????

I have friends that cohabitate with their partner and rarely have sex.  I have married friends who will not sex their husbands. I have single friends who say they can have a wholly enjoyable sexual experience without having an orgasm.  *blink*

If you have the opportunity to go to Ruth Chris for dinner why are you hitting White Castle instead?

Why is there such a hang up about sex in our Western Society?  More specifically the United States, and even more targeted the Black community?

I would love to do a detailed research project and produce some tangible results, but I am too busy fucking to get that done.

Seriously though, we need to expand our kinky lines of vision so that we realize doggy style is not all there is out there.

Its not just about keeping ‘a happy home’ either, it is about being a more complete person.

For years I have watched my friends in their relationships miserable with their sex  lives.  How? Why? Hunh?

Why are you not exploring your sexuality with your partner?  What are you waiting for?  The end of the Mayan Calendar?

If he pulled your hair and you liked it where is the harm in that?  If he bit your neck and it made you wet where is the harm in that?  If you suck his dick and he cooks dinner the next night because of it where is the harm in that?

Ummmmm if not with your partner then who?

I don’t expect most folk to have my same outlook on sex and sexuality.  I accept that I am not the norm, I am the exception.  I also get that what makes me cream makes some cringe, but I am stupified at how those in relationships settle for the same old same old.

And at how ‘shocked’ folk are when I do talk about it.

This is shocking to some of my readers.  Ummm why?

If you have known me for more than 3 days you have figured out that I walk differently than most of my peers.

A former co-worker sent me a message going WOW there should be more like you.

Yes there should.

I am now pretty much off the market, so I do not get to spread the wealth any longer.  But there are still 7 billion or so people out there on earth…should they all walk around without orgasm and with dry dicks?  Is that what we find attractive and acceptable these days?

Why on earth are we settling for average to below average sex lives?

And how can I help you get your mind into the gutter?

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