Let’s Dance

I want to go dancing with Daddy I said…he said…you are such a girl!

*thought — gee I hope so or we REALLY need to have a discussion about  your homosexual tendencies….not that there is anything wrong with that*

Instead I just smiled.

When a girl asks to go dancing with her man she doesn’t really want to dance.  Oh she may enjoy dancing, and she may Dougie her ass off, but she doesn’t really want to dance with her man.

The invitation to the dance is seduction.

The shower before, the shave, the choice of scents.

The selection of the outfit, any old outfit won’t do.  It’s got to be something that will bring all eyes on her and KEEP all eyes on her, but in reality there are only 2 eyes she is really worried about.

The hair.  How often do you see a woman going out to dance put her hair up?  Not ballroom dancing but just reggie dancing?  It is rare.  Even though we know that our curls will fall, or we will sweat out our perms we wear our hair down.  If not how will you look at us at the end of the night with our messy hair and have flashbacks to what our ‘bed head’ looks like. Or look at it and want to shove your hands in it and kiss us.


The shoes.  Sure there is a chance that we will pick shoes we can dance in all night – but more likely?  We will select a pair of 2 hour shoes for a 6 hour night.  We can use our tired feet as an excuse to leave early.  We can kick off our shoes and start the undressing part.

If she wear lipstick I bet she chooses red.  Red to indicate her need and desire.  Red to tell you: KISS ME.  Red to tell you I want you.  Red to say that will look lovely on your belly button.

When you get there she walks closer to you, sits nearer.  Intimacy before the bass.

On the dance floor she starts off at a slight distance, watch me she is saying.

Look at the sway of my hips, the jiggle of my ass, the curve of my breasts, and that spot right there on my neck that you like to nibble on.

As she moves closer she is inviting you in…before she invites you in.

As you touch where does she place your hands?   Where do her hands wander?  Do you touch the nape of her neck sending the signal to the club that she is YOURS?  You should, that is what she is asking for…that is what she is begging for as she wiggles and grinds against you.

When it is time to leave, does she look breathless and flushed?   She wants to remind you of that look after you hit her spot and she looks up to you innocent and vulnerable and says do it again.


Daddy?  May I have this next dance please?

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