That is my screen name on Twitter    are you following me there yet?

I joined Twitter a whiles back when Newark moved to ATL.  I thought it would be a good way to keep up with him.

What I found was that almost none of my non kinky peeps were on Twitter, and to get to anything meaningful that Newark had to say I had to scroll through hundreds of hellos from other women.

When we fell out Memorial Day, I deleted that first account.  Shit I was not doing a lot there anyhow, and I was journaling daily on Fetlife by then.

I eventually went back and when I did I realized what all the hype was about.  I blame @feministajones.

She is  beautiful and fascinating, and by following her – I got opened up the the Twitterverse and would consider myself a fringe member of Negro Twitter.

But this blog is not about Twitter it is about my other passion….FOOTBALL

This has been an up and down football week for me.  I like to say:  I am NOT bipolar…I am a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

The only other thing that the Eagles could do this week would be to fire Andy Reid.  They won’t but a girl can dream right?

I have been watching football since I was in diapers.  The first game that I can ever remember watching with my father was an Eagles/giants game, the original miracle at the Meadowlands game.

I bled Kelly green then and Midnight green now.

I hate the cowboys, and the rest of the NFC East, and on Sundays in the fall and winter the house shuts down so that I can praise Mandisa that there is football.

I’ve gone through:

Dick Vermeil, Marion Campbell, the death of Jerome Brown, the defection of Reggie White, the audacity of Seth Joyner, Rich…..*I refuse to type that man’s full name* Randall Cunningham, the body bag game, Herschel Walker in and out of an Eagles uniform, “For who for what”, Rodney Peete, the Detmer boyz, Ray Rhodes, Duuuuuuuuuuuuuce!, Andy Reid, the draft of McNabb, the departure of Dawk, The TO show, the TO run out of town on a rail, the departure of McNabb, 4th & 26 (or as I like to call it 4th & 25 and 3 quarters), James Thrash, and this season:

The Miracle at the NEW Meadowlands.

This has not been a good football week for me on Twitter though.

The thing about Twitter – famous folk are illiterate.  If you think I am lying look up @Tyrese.  Imma need someone to break that man’s thumbs.

Try to decode a Kanye West tweet, I dare you!

I follow a handful of football players on Twitter.

One being Mike Vick.  He followed me even!!! *wall slide*

That is until his ‘people’ deemed me unworthy at which point I was unfollowed.

I follow Marshall Faulk and TO.

I also follow Deion Sanders.

Tonight I made a reference to a Deion tweet and he replied to me, chastising me!  But it was even worse for the person on my timeline who cracked another joke.

Yes that illiterate bama, who thinks that you spell means meenz, chastised me and a Tweeple!

Yes the man who made “Must be the Money” tried to come @ someone’s neck.  *blink*

ummmmm for real?

Yeah it’s been one of those football weeks readers.  You can get attacked by a coon bama, while getting dressed for a Christmas party and on Twitter.

I don’t take Twitter all that seriously, and I certainly don’t take ‘primetime’ seriously.  He was a cowboy after all!!

Then there was Donovan McNabb being castrated and him thanking massa for snatching his balls.

Yeah for someone who was on #TeamDonovan, well lets just say #icant

The Eagles – led by Superman – aka Michael Vick  have one more win until they are in the playoffs.  What do I have to say about THAT?


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