Within the confines of a relationship, romantic or sexual, there are things that happen that you may think would NEVER happen to you.

Sometimes your partner cheats with your best friend, sometimes someone sticks a fist in your pussy.

Once upon a time there was a girl who had a long list of ‘hard limits’ things she would not do.  Fisting was one of them.  AWWWW HELLL NOOOOOOO!  was typically the response when looking at photos or it came up in conversation.

At some point that hell no, turned into a maybe, which turned into a ‘does he have his fist inside me?’, to OMG when can we do it again?

It was a long and gradual process.

The idea of fisting first came on my radar in about 1998.  I can’t recall exactly if it was a conversation or a photo, but my first instinct and my first word was N E V E R.

I am too small I said.  I don’t want to be all loose and stretched out I said.  Why would someone think that is fun I said.

I closed the book on that concept and moved along to something more interesting – shibari.

The topic of fisting came back up again about 2 years ago.

On my first night with Newark we were enjoying a lovely time of carnal pleasure, and he went from one finger, to three, to four and tried to tuck his thumb.  Pump yo brakes shorty I said, this is not that kind of party.  Can’t blame me for trying he said.

Still no desire for fisting nor need to do it, I skipped happily along the kinky brick road.

This summer.

I met a man who is a decent guy, who is deviant, and who was willing to walk on the wild side with me.  He also mentioned fisting.  My response?  I am too small for that, carry on.  His response?  Nothing.

Until this night:

Yes it is precisely what it looks like and yes it is precisely me.

The process of getting TO this picture?  1FAAT.

I have been blessed to have some skilled and talented lovers in the past.  And in the present.  This particular man has a unique talent, and desire to perform oral sex.  On women (I needed to clarify that)

He is not the BEST – that award goes to Daddy with everyone else not even a distant second, but he is damned good.

The oral experience is much more than licking a pussy though.

This particular man also loves it when women squirt.  Luckily for him I have been known to put out Forest fires.

In search of the squirt, on occasion you will insert your fingers, if you are good at what you do.  I know from having it done and doing it.  The finger fuck is a separate issue, to be dealt with in a different blog.

The night this happened, it was a ‘routine’ (as if that word ever applies to me) night and he was doing what he does best.  One finger led to two led to four.  As I responded, so did he.  The female vagina is designed to swell and stretch and accommodate.  If you can have a baby?  You can be fisted in most cases.  It takes an open mind, it takes a patient partner, it takes skill, but in most cases it can be done.  Even on someone as small and tight as I am.

As I rode his hand and the orgasms kept cumming, and my body adjusted, he was able to tuck the thumb and push further.  The experience?  MIND BLOWING.

The orgasm?  Extraordinary.

Last night we had opportunity to walk down memory lane.  The fist found me again,and this time I found myself ASKING for it. The transition from never to please is a simple one if you own your own sexuality.

And the best part?  I am still just as tight 🙂

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