Spread ’em

You are looking @ a picture of a spreader bar.

In this thing that I do, my toys look a little different that what many folk think about when they think, adult toys.  You may be used to seeing fuzzy handcuffs and vibrators.  My toys are just a little bit different.

My girlfriends are all used to me now, even if they go…LAWD! when I say something sexually related.  I take it as a sign of the oppression that exists in Western Society, we are not open and free ENOUGH.

For a girls night out?  Chances are my skirt is the shortest, my heels are the highest, and I am on the hunt.

It’s not that I enjoy the hunt ….well yeah I do….it is more that I was designed to hunt.  I described it once that HE is my only known predator. It is why I belong to HIM.  What you can not hunt you bow to. Power respects power, and I am a powerful woman.   Typically gets me in trouble, but I am powerful all the same.

At work?  It gets you called into the office where you are told you can’t do that.  Then it makes you say something stupid like, why not?  Then you don’t get promoted.

At school?  It gets you on the shit list with your classmates and they hate doing projects with you, but they love the A that you deliver.

In a relationship?  There can only be one person in charge.  Even if the scale is tipped 51/49?  It is still tipped, someone HAS to be in charge.  I personally think that is where so many relationships fail.  We are so busy pushing for 50/50 that we forget there can only be one leader. Me?  I was looking for something along the lines of 95/5, and with my only known predator, I have found it.  The process is not a simple one but it is the only one that will work for ME.

Back to the toys.

Many of you have heard – whips & chains & leather & and handcuffs.  I live it.  There is more to what I do than the PVC and floggers ….. waits for you to Google the terms ….. but they are a big part of what I do.

The photo above is a spreader bar.  The little metal hooks at the end are so that cuffs can be secured to the bar.  Once in place, the bar will wither hold your arms, or legs open, preventing you from closing your limbs for protection.

You can cuff some one’s wrists and tickle them until they pee themselves, or you can cuff some one’s legs and know that NO MATTER WHAT, they can not close their legs.

~wicked evil grin~

The bar is a gift for Daddy.  Usually I refuse to assist my top in using the implements that will cause me pain.  For HIM there is an exception.

It is a symbol that I have given up my power to HIM and I am to be used as HE wishes.  It says I am open, available, and YOURS.

The problem?  The man owns a Hitachi.  …waiting…

For most of you – there is no frame of reference to give you that will explain what a devil toy that thing is.  Eh it’s just a vibrator you say?  A pox on your house I SAY!  Until you have experienced that thing, don’t tell me that it is not evil.

Unable to close my legs, and cuffed at the wrist and neck, the Hitachi could very well be what kills me.

If so?  I have packed a lot of living in these years, so be it.

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