Let’s get Wet

**** Caution this blog contains information HIGHLY sexual in nature and slightly off the beaten path.  If you are thin skinned please hit the BACK button now ****

Definition: Water sports is a common term used to describe the act of urinating, watching urination or being urinated upon during sex. Urophiliacs are aroused by the sight, touch or smell of urine. The person may consume urine (urophagia) or bathe in it for enjoyment. Water sports are also known as golden showers.
In the alternative world of BDSM kink is king.  There are things that are done by consenting adults that a ‘typical’ person would say EWWWWWWWWWWW!
There is more to BDSM than whips, chains, and leather.  In all actuality it is mostly a power exchange and mental state of being.  For some that choose to engage in BDSM, the physical aspects mean just as much as the mental, for some like myself they are one in the same and they can not be separated.
In this thing that I do, BDSM, there are things known as “hard limits”.  That means that no matter what they are just not done.  Hard limits for me are bestiality and pedophilia.  Everything else?  Negotiable, with the right partner at the right time.
The freedom that comes with knowing anything that comes into your mind is possible makes a boring sex life impossible.
Watersports USED to be one of my hard limits.
Think about it.  Why on EARTH would I want someone to pee on me, near me, think about me while they are doing it?  I would rather just think of you as a person who doesn’t pee.  For many people there is nothing erotic about urination.
For me?  One person has the ability to take my body and mind to places that I did not think I would visit.
This is a mini story that I wrote to HIM:
I was trying to do my homework for class. I am hard & throbbing and my mind drifted to stripping in the hall crawling inside and hearing you say wait here I have to pee.

I ask if I can go with you and you go: no what are you going to do hold my dick? And before I can think the answer is yes. I want to hold it. I want to crawl behind you, fumble with your buttons and zippers in the dark of the blindfold. I want to pull your pants and briefs down and reach for you.

I want to wrap my hand around you and try to aim. I want to remember DUH reach for the seat lift it up and have to start all over again.

I want to hear you count down its coming in 5 4 3 2 and hear the first drops as they hit the bowl beneath. I want to feel you flow and pulse in my hand as you lean back slightly into me causing the stream to go awry for a moment so that I have to correct my hold and aim.

I want you to smell my response as I start to drip and feel the vibrations of my moans as they escape through my lips & to the hollow between your shoulder blades.

I’m done you say – this is where you squeeze and shake and I want you surprised when I kneel instead and tug at your hips. I want you to feed me your dick then so that I can kiss it and lick it and suck it and be sure all of your liquid is gone.

When you tell me I am not finished I want you to chuckle at the look of confusion on my face.  You have very bad aim you would say and lead me to the spots where your essence fell and I want you to look down on me with lust and pride as I begin to clean the mess that I made on your floor with my tongue & make another mess as I rub my clit & finger my pussy.

When I am done I hope to hear ‘good girl’ I hope that you will kiss that nasty mouth and then lead me back out into the living room so that I can climb on stage and put on a real show for Daddy.
Sounded kind of hot until I hit the floor didn’t it?  Yeah I know.
The thing about this lifestyle is that the connection to your partner is deeper, your limitations smaller, and arousal and satisfaction can come from something as simple as  serving a cup of tea, or something as nasty as licking the bathroom floor.
I am HIS bottom bitch.  Our scents – as in the canine world – are used to mark territory.  The submission and surrender that it takes to crave being marked in this way is something that many people do not get to see in their relationships.  That to me is a shame.
The connection that this allows is nothing short of life altering.
Am I just a nasty bitch?  Yes – because Daddy said so.
But I am also a bottom bitch.  Life on the bottom has it’s privileges and rewards.
Now before you all run out and turn into a bad Dave Chappell doing R Kelly impression, please note:
I do not recommend watersports for those under the age of 18.
I do not recommend watersports for those in a casual relationship.
I do not recommend watersports for those who are not fluid bonded.
There are risks involved with watersports and I urge you to take precautions.
With great risk comes great reward though, and for me it comes from HIS lips in the form of “good girl”.

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